Nude cruising

The UK election is behind us, thank goodness. There were times it felt like the campaign resembled WW1 in terms of duration, to the point where I doubted it would ‘be all over by Christmas‘.

And with that, the Daily Mail, our very own resident immigrant loathing, right wing rag, has returned to its normal diet of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and B-list celebrity trivia.

I’ve had the conversation, inworld, recently about my ‘fondness’ for the Daily Mail. I was mocked for it! 🙂 It’s not a ‘fondness’, as such, just that it can be relied upon to have a steady stream of ‘clothes off’ stories.

So, today, in clear recognition that the post-election debate is now over, there’s a story about nude cruises.

A growing trend, we learn.


Pixellation. Clearly none of us know what a bare bottom looks like.

I’m pleased to read that the reporter delivers her account in a factual, non-judgemental way, although the comments section contains the usual to-be-expected idiotic responses. I know comments sections are popular in the online versions of newspapers nowadays, but honestly, we could probably live without a series of inane comments from people who, because of their attitude, are unlikely to be taking a nude cruise, thus rendering their opinion valueless.

I have to confess that a cruise, nude or not, would not be for me, despite their popularity.

Is it something you can do in SL? Not nude, but I note that there’s certainly a cruise ship you can visit. It appears to have all of the things you could reasonably expect to find on a RL cruise ship, cinema, swimming pool, etc, but I didn’t explore it in a huge amount of depth.

cruise ship_001b

SL’s very own cruise ship

Of course, naked sailing is very much a thing in SL, and your obvious point of entry to that particular lifestyle, something I keep saying we’ll report on in SLN, is Eden Naturopolis and the expanses of water around the archipelago of islands. I’m going to have to say here and now that this is something we really need to knuckle down to and cover in some depth. and utilising a variety of craft, in the coming weeks.


The Daily Mail

I was in world last night, dancing and listening to some great tunes being played by DJ Sunshine whose in-world Sunvibes Group promotes world music. They also have a terrific web page where you can read about world music. Sunshine, Svazanna Resident, has further pages here, and a flickr page here.

Anyway, the chat turned to the UK’s Daily Mail, and I was gently ribbed for reading it, such is its….legendary, soft right-wing and moral-guardian-of-the-British-people’s editorial policy.

commune dance

I make no apologies 🙂

After all, where better to get a ready supply of stories about public nudity? 🙂

‘Shocking! Actress allows nipple to fall out of dress! Let us show photos! But pixellate them in case you’re offended by a nipple, which we’ll show you on a daily basis, but pixellate them! Because we’d hate to be thought of  as disgusting! And prurient! And when we’re done with no less than eight different pixellated nipples, let us show you where to buy a dress just like it! For 1/10th of what she paid for it! After all, your nipples might pop out!

When not pixellating nipples, or famous ladies getting out of taxis with their knickers on display, the Daily Mail loves a good story with some element of sex attached to it.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Today? Labiaplasty. Paid for by the NHS! Disgraceful! But labiaplasty nonetheless. Because women think they aren’t normal down there.

And, of course, someone I’ve never heard of going out without a bra. Pixellated.

No. I make no apologies. It’s laugh out loud ridiculous regarding matters of public nudity. I wouldn’t miss it.





Fifty Shades of objectionable nonsense (2)

Fifty shades of guilt by association?

The execrable Daily Mail somehow manages to link ‘5o shades of drivel’ to swingers resorts and taint naturism through guilt by association.

‘Journalism’ of the laziest type helps to reinforce the image of naturism as something linked to sordid partner-swapping antics and, just as bad, now infers that BDSM activities, as evidenced in the ‘Fifty Shades’ book and film, are part of the lifestyle.2592399A00000578-2949110-Nudist_beach-a-5_1423730815177

Shameful ‘journalism’, but not unexpected from the wretched Daily Mail.

One photo caption reads ‘Desire resorts have two bases in Mexico, with both catering for swingers and adults who want to ‘experiment’

No mention of naturists in this, but by then the damage has been done.




Underarm hair.

You remember the astonishment when Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts began waving to fans having not clearly shaved under there for, well, months.



‘Good on you, girl!’, I thought at the time, despite howls of protest from others -men, women marching to a patriarchal agenda– about how awful it looked. Wrong. It looked marvellous. A woman in command of her own body and body image, regardless of any stylist’s idea of how she should present herself.

Odd, isn’t it, how a little bit of underarm (or pubic) fluff can get some men so steamy under the collar! And, indeed, steamy in both ways. Most will loathe it. Some adore it.

Look, hair grows on women. On our legs. In our armpits. On our crotches!!!!!

Less than a year ago, the Daily Mail, Britain’s reactionary right-wing rag that passes for a newspaper, was chastising singer Pixie Lott for turning up for a premiere having ‘forgotten’ to shave under her arms.  Disappointingly, Pixie suggested it was an error, rather than fronting up and saying so what? Not that I’m about to criticise her for suggesting it was an error. It’s her body to present as she chooses. But I am ready, willing and able to criticise the odious Daily Mail for their fashion Nazi-ism and self-styled commentating and moral guardianship on the state of Britain (folks, if you’re reading this from outside the UK, be aware that all of Britain’s, and the world’s, ills may be laid firmly and squarely at the door of ‘foreigners’. Never mind that we, Brits, have had our culture broadened and deepened by exposure to other cultures, one of our favourite ‘British’ dishes being curry, something we appear to have got a taste for during the time of the Raj, with the word itself deriving from the Indian word ‘kari‘, Daily Mail correspondents can disregard the breadth of our culture, and where we got it all from, because it essentially comes down to the fault of ‘foreigners’).

Emer O’Toole, a graduate from Dublin, even had the ‘audacity’ to appear on morning television in the UK to admit that she hadn’t shaved under her arms for 18 months. Way to go, girl! Your body! Your choice! 🙂

(The interview is on youtube, here). Without decrying Emer’s ‘foil’ in the debate, Emer looks real, pale and lovely while her ‘foil’ looks ‘fake’ to a degree, an embodiment of women merely slavishly following fashion in terms of fake tan, fake hair colour. Again, it’s her choice, but from my own perspective I think it’s time we women stopped operating to a fashion industry’s demands and male expectations. Effectively, do we spend hours dying our hair, shaving our legs, armpits, genitals, applying fake tan for ourselves? Or others expectations of how we should look? I think many women might say ‘oh, I do it because I look good and feel good after the beauty process’. Wrong. We, or rather they, do it to feel good because a media and fashion industry are telling us that we can only look great by subscribing to the agenda they’re setting. Don’t know about you, but I feel good having rolled out of bed first thing in the morning with my hair all over the place and in desperate need of a shower and a good teeth cleaning. And I’m certainly happy enough to answer the door without having put a brush through my hair or had a shower.

Ella and I have had lengthy debates on this issue, both being interested in a soft feminism, a.k.a equal rights, while not being card-carrying militants. And I guess we’ve arrived at the conclusion that it’s not for others, in respect of matters like underarm (or pubic) hair to judge a person. Ella’s SL (and RL) preference is not to shave her pubic hair. I flip flop (in SL and RL) between a natural and shaved look. It’s not a major issue for us, ergo, it shouldn’t even be a minor issue for others.

Let’s get back to underarm hair.

Hop over to the marketplace, where you’ll find variants of it here.

natural hair

Our model is wearing pnd underarm hair, purchased via the marketplace link provided, and a Nearly Tactile ‘man muff’.

I use the female variety of the ‘man muff’, but the male version is thicker and more…luxuriant. Diane is currently doing a photo shoot for a post I’ll probably entitle ‘you make me feel like a natural woman’ 🙂 which I hope to post next week, kind of Tuesday-Wednesday.