Happy Easter holidays

Happy Easter!

I know it’s not Easter Day itself yet, but it is Good Friday as we commence the most important three days of the entire Christian calendar, the days on which the entire Christian message, death and Resurrection, revolves.

We often get ourselves into a lather about Christmas -all those gifts- but Easter, even as someone who isn’t particularly religious, is something I recognise as the fulcrum of Christianity, so have a great holiday and, if you are religious, I hope that whatever church services you may attend are a blessing to you.

Easter, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, is one of those times when the SL goes ‘weird’. What I mean is that people are moving at these times, their routine thrown out of kilter. Going to see family, family coming to see them, and what may be routine in SL goes on hold for a few days. Bloggers stop or change their blogging habits, regulars at in world events go ‘missing’.

Not that any of this is a bad thing. Real life should always take precedence.

By chance, we’re at home this afternoon and Mr.Keng is spinning a new album he’s found, by an artist called Michelle David, entitled ‘The Gospel Sessions, Volume 1″.

I have to say that I do love some gospel music. Not for me some fey, wispy white girl singing ‘How Great Thou Art’. But in the hands of some artists, it has a power all of its own.


As usual, this always leads me to examine just how closely real life, and this Easter weekend, replicates real life.

Church-related things aren’t part of my daily SL (or RL) routine, so it was necessary to search and teleport, search and teleport. I’m pleased, though, that I managed to find at least one fairly busy church with people involved in worship this Good Friday.






Whatever your beliefs, there’s a place for you to practice them, in peace, in Second Life. It’s actually quite a thrill to see that several avatars have taken time out of their day to indulge in communal worship today, a thrill to see all types of humanity represented in the game and able to draw something from the game. Whatever you do in RL, you’ll almost certainly find it represented in SL and can probably make friendships within the game that allow you to connect with avatars with similar interests.