Adam zoekt Eva/Adan y Eva/Adam sucht Eva

You know the format by now. RTL, Dutch television, lands a male & a female on a desert island, naked. Sometimes a second Adam or Eve is introduced to the mix. Will romance blossom?

adam zoekt eva

Popular enough that there are now German & Spanish versions of the show, and I imagine other national versions will subsequently appear.

‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ arrive separately on the island, and commence a long, naked walk towards each other to meet for the first time. They then live together on the island and…does love blossom?

It’s all for gratuitous nudity, of course.

While I personally think it’s idiotic and pointless it’s not going to stop me debuting on SLN with a kind of re-enactment of the show.



Hello everyone. I’m Apricot and I’ll be joining the SLN team for occasional posts. So let’s begin by heading over to that desert island where I can be Eve and meet my Adam. Will romance blossom? Probably not, but let’s play the game anyway.

ban & apri4_001b ban & apri5_001b ban & apri11_001b


No…no romance blossomed, lol, but that’s because the guy modelling with me is an SL friend and I don’t think we see each other in a ‘love interest’ way 🙂 There are plenty of deserted islands and beach locations around the grid where you can, if you wish, re-enact the ‘Adam seeks Eve’ format, and maybe you will get some love action going! 😉

Snap7890 Snap8377 Snap8387 Snap8459

Some images from the original Dutch series.