A return to replicating RL in SL (Hommage a Harry)



I saw this photo on a naturist blog and thought it very much reflected a sense of SL. If one visits, for example, the various Eden Naturopolis harbours or Blue Lagoon Marina (also part of the Eden Naturist Estate), you will get a sense of the scene photographed being very similar to what you’ll find in SL.

Harry used to do an occasional ‘SL replicates RL’ kind of post, and it’s not something we’ve repeated since he took leave of absence of Second Life. Incidentally, he continues to recover, but it’s a slow process and as far as I’m aware we cannot expect his return any time soon.

I asked Hugh, therefore, if he would do the honours of trying to replicate the scene above in an SL setting, and his photos can be seen below.

diana katja3_001b_Fotor

katja and diana_001b_Fotor

katja and diana2_001b_Fotor


Wild, wet weather

There’s been absolutely appalling amounts of rain where I am, with guttering barely able to cope with the amount of rain coming down outside, roads flooded thanks to a combination of the volume of water and a lot of leaves clogging up drains. I’d got up this morning to a reasonably mild and dry morning, walked the children to school and came home to do a bit of work from my desk in the study. If you’ve ever visited SLN’s offices at the Eden Naturist Estate, the real life version is remarkably similar, dominated by a huge and overflowing bookcase, a desk and the computer equipment.

My mother used to call these weeks ‘the dark days before Christmas’, and it was so true today, necessitating lights on by 2pm, just as I left to walk down to the school and collect the children. It was raining as I left, but they had their wet-weather coats on, hats, gloves, and it’s only a ten minute walk, so we don’t use the car. Oops! What a bad mother I am, as the heavens opened just as the school bell rang and we had to trudge uncomfortably back home in what seemed like monsoon type of rain. They managed to get home quite dry, but I was soaked right through to the skin. Having got them changed and into dry clothing, I settled them down with some glasses of milk before heading into the kitchen to try to peel off denim jeans soaked right through. Have you any idea what a difficult task that is?

Yep…wet right through to my undies…which I was in the process of taking off and throwing into the washing machine when I noticed that a couple of towels which I’d pegged out yesterday and forgot about had now slumped to the grass. So I’m in the kitchen, totally naked, and I make a decision that, rather than get more clothes wet, I should make a dash to the bottom of the garden to retrieve the towels wearing nothing but my birthday suit and my wellington boots 🙂

Being naked in the rain wasn’t a first for me; I’ve been on naturist beaches when there have been showers, and gone swimming in pools while rain bounced off the surface of the water -I mean, I’m going to be wet anyway, so tramping back to a naturist apartment in rain, or to the pool in a downpour is no big deal- so it seemed the rather more logical thing to do than get another set of clothes soaked in the time it took me to get down the garden and back.




Still, as the summer fades to nothing more than a memory, and next year before I get some first-hand naturism in again, it was still fun to dash naked down the garden to retrieve some fallen washing. But that little, totally unexpected bit of naturism was fun.



Coming soon!

scuba advertscuba advert2The words in the photos say it all. Areola, who I promised was back with us a while back, has filed her first report, on the Scuba Tours at Tess’s ‘Naked Dreams’ island (part of the Eden Naturist Estate). And it’s a stunning series of photos, testament to Tess’s building skill and attention to detail, something that is a constant feature right across Eden.

I won’t give too much away just yet, but I’ve got it largely assembled, and am just waiting for a few more photos to arrive, as Areola promised, before editing up the final piece. I hope I can publish tonight (Friday), but if not we’ll run it over the weekend.

And I’ve now got a bit of a backlog of posts, with others lined up from Barbara, and a new-look Pookes (again, Pookes? You tweak as much as I do! 🙂 ) Diane has some marvellous photo essays done. And finally, after hoping for such an event for much of the life of SLN, we’ll be unveiling a new, male staff writer, who’ll maybe give us a guy’s perspective on naturism, in and out of SL. Looks like everyone has been busy, barring Harry, currently snowed under a mountain of RL work commitments.

Oh, and I got both of my RL naturist holidays booked today, so watch out for more ‘Postcards from Spain’ on two occasions later this year.


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