From the archives

ella-towel_001We celebrated our third birthday, without any fanfare, on November 10th. Over 1000 posts later, and a quarter of a million site views, we’re still here, still going strong.




So I looked back to the very beginning of SLN and found that the photo (above) was the very first photo of me to appear. I’m pleased to see that the sim where it’s situated, Eden Naturist, is still going strong thanks to the sterling support for SL naturism courtesy of Eden’s owners, Elbag & Brenda. I know exactly where this was shot, it’s on the road out towards Eden’s airport.

The next photo of me that appeared was the one below.



This was taken at a short-lived naturist sim, The Lost Garden. I was sorry to see it go because it was a beautifully built natural looking sim, unencumbered by clutter. In the interim we’ve seen lots of naturist sims come and go, and reported from many that no longer exist. Good to see, also, that three years ago I was happy with the SL skin I was in, and my look hasn’t changed a bit. After all this time in SL I’m rather comfortable in Ella’s skin and she’s very much an extension of the RL me.

I look forward to seeing what changes take place over the next three years. Yep, I really do hope to be blogging from our wonderful virtual world in November 2017.