Eden Naturopolis re-development


I -Ella- am now back blogging, which wasn’t something I expected, but ‘needs must’ and having invested a bit of time and effort in running SL Naturist, I determined that I’d like to keep it going, as the SL blogosphere is desperately short on ‘lifestyle’ type blogs. I can’t promise I’ll be as regular a blogger as I was previously due to real life commitments, but I’ll do what I can to assist.

During a foray inworld yesterday I got talking to the lovely Brenda, co-owner of Eden, and she was telling me that there will be some re-development around the central teleport rotunda at the Eden Estate.

This morning I teleported over there to check out how work progresses, and was thrilled to find work has commenced with a new club area. Trine has also been there today, checking out the new facilities and I have to say it has already given the area a whole new feel and a lift, while maintaining a familiarity that we enjoy at Eden.

First, here are  some of Trine’s photos. I particularly like the dance floor with lights in it, and Trine appears to have found herself a dance partner!

I think, I’m not entirely certain, that the lighthouse used for our SL Naturist office presence at Eden is also ripe for re-development, so that may disappear in the near future, but rest assured we will be trying to maintain some sort of presence at Eden for the new branded SLFKK, and bringing you news of any further redevelopments.

Moving on, I’ll be adding some of my photos from Eden later today. As Trine has explained, we’re new to the mechanics of blogging, particularly with this new theme, so I’m hoping that the mosaic photos included have a ‘click to enlarge’ capacity to them. I’ll find out imminently! If not, it means more experimentation is required, so I and Trine would ask for your patience in that regard.



The SL Royal Opera House, Museum Island

There’s a grand opening of Museum Island on Sunday, with a performance at SL’s Royal Opera, (Sunday, May 10th, at 2pm SLT, so suitable for the evening European audience, as well as the north American audience).

Fragments of Aida, performed by a dance troupe of 10, and it’s rated PG, suitable for all audiences. The opera house isn’t new to SL, but it’s certainly new to me.

I’m always keen to see the arts performed in SL, as it adds a different dimension to the SL game-play.

SL naturism has long been great supporters of the arts in various guises. Su Casa has a revolving outdoor art gallery, Eden Naturopolis has long supported poetry readings and concerts, for example.

Canary beck’s Basilique sim has also performed Milton’s Creation, with a bit of avatar nudity thrown in, something we blogged about last August.

In advance of the event, I hopped over there earlier to get a sense of what it was all about, and was astonished by the detail of the sim and how beautiful it all looks, and set in what we in Britain might refer to as a Georgian/Regency style. I’m not sure what the period 1711-1811 might be referred to in your country, particularly as there seems to be an Italian-Polish emphasis to the sim, but it’s how I can best describe it.

I only had a few minutes free for SL at that point, but I IM’ed Hugh and Diane to say it might make a marvellous backdrop for photography. Lo and behold, when I logged back in this evening, there’s a bunch of photos finished and waiting for my approval.

Not all are naturist, and I’m guessing that Hugh was a bit naughty in getting even a few nude shots in at the sim.

There’s no story to the following photos, other than it’s the usual ‘pretty girl in pretty surroundings’, so I’ve put the remainder of the photos Hugh gave me on our Flickr page, a place I think provides us with more scope for creative photography that may not necessarily be naturist.








Eden Celebration : Bumrose Adult Club

Who says you can’t find ‘adult’ material at Eden Naturopolis? I’m indebted to our occasional blogger Anne, who pointed me in the direction of the Bumrose Adult Club at Eden. I’m guessing Brenda’s never enlightened me on this one due to its theme. Anne’s going to do a proper write-up of its facilities, but she thought I’d like one animation set she found, and she’s right! While many of the animations are very much adult themed, and which I didn’t try out, there was a rather lovely writing desk in the corner of one room. Anne only gave me a generic landmark, so it took an age to find this tucked in the corner of an upstairs room.

I liked it because it pretty much reflects the day-to-day reality of writing this blog, and similarly clad in RL when weather permits, although today I’m sat at my own computer station wrapped up in layers.

bumrose1 bumrose2

Sometimes inspiration strikes…

…and there’s always photos to edit…this looks like Su Casa’s jet ski getting the cropping treatment.


Articles get written easily…


…or there’s writer’s block, or a lack of ideas for the blog (the latter doesn’t happen too often, SL’s naturist community is vibrant)

No link to the club on this post. I’ll leave that for Anne to do in her subsequent posting along with, I’m led to believe, some racy photos that wouldn’t normally turn up on SLN.


Hello! (again)

I’ve just published our ‘Hello!’ style mag on Issuu.

You can read, and download, a copy of it, featuring Brenda from Eden Naturopolis, here.



Brazilian avatar Natalia poses for a forthcoming SL Naturist feature on Brazilian naturism (just in time for the World Cup!)





I’m not sure where to begin with this one…hahaha.

I ran into Brenda at Eden one day and, before I knew it, we’d concocted the idea of a ‘Hello!’ magazine style spread for SLN between us. And Brenda rather kindly agreed to show me around her skybox and explain the ethos behind Eden Naturopolis.

A ‘Hello!’ styled spread requires a ‘Hello!’ styled cover, hence the photo above. And because what starts out as a simple idea can snowball, I’d added in a couple of other ‘cover stories’ to create a cover ‘in full effect’ as it were. From there it was a simple step to decide that, yes indeed, our new friend Issuu should be a format we’d use for this, and actually round out the magazine with those stories. I had a stand-alone blog post with Guillaume lined up, as well as another doing a bit of reflection on my expectations for my forthcoming vacation. In three weeks, I’ll be in Spain, reporting back from a RL naturist vacation and, as usual, attempting to provide some flavour of the experience through the prism of Second Life.

The photo, above, will be the front cover for ‘SL Hello!’, on Issuu, and from where I am now, I think Thursday, June 5th, will be the publication date, probably later than earlier in the day.

I’m also, for the first time, going to double-format the magazine, replicating the stories in the Issuu version as posts here on the blog.

I’m not a web designer, so the cover is merely an amateurish take on doing a spoof magazine cover. My apologies to all of you out there who are dab-hands at Photoshop and see this as the work of a rank amateur. That’s exactly what I am out of my comfort zone!

As a result of new skills coming to play, it has taken me off the grid (again!) to try and do something a bit different and keep SLN fresh and entertaining. So there will be few, if any, SLN posts between now and Thursday, followed by another flurry of activity.

I’d also ask any SL naturist sim owners, or just SL naturists, if they’d like to keep this SLN concept going and make it a meme of sorts, to get in touch.


Naturism in Second Life: SL Naturist Users’ Guides

I’m thrilled to find that the brief, experimental edition of SLN we published on Issuu has been exceptionally well received. So much so that we’re deviating (again!) from normal postings over the next week to publish a few more, this time with a theme.

What I’ve done is sent our writers and photographers out into the field to essentially give me an A-Z of the best naturist locations in SL, and we’ll publish them as ‘Users’ Guides’. Hopefully we’ll have a first tranche of these published over the next week or so. My intention is to publish a User’s Guide to Su Casa, Eden Naturopolis and Lupe’s. Of course there are many others, and hopefully we’ll get around to these as well, but my hope is that these three will be featured in the next week. The emphasis will be on facilities and features. Pretty much a kind of ‘National Geographic‘ meets ‘Conde Nast Traveller‘ meets Rough Guide!

OK…these are feature filled sims, and perhaps we’ll not do them justice, but we’re going to shake the tree as hard as we can anyway.

Having said it’s about facilities and features, it doesn’t mean we’ll avoid the most important aspect of SL -you, its user!- entirely. So if in the next week or so you happen to spot Pookes, Barbara, Harry, Diana or myself out and about don’t be afraid to say hello, and please don’t be shy of the camera! 🙂

su casa lighthouse


If you’re a user (or manager/officer) of these locations, please, drop us a line or photos or any other information so that we can ensure these guides are absolutely current when we go to publish them! I’ll be in world a lot over the next week or so, so be sure to IM me if you’re online, and I’ll try and get your opinions and thoughts recorded for the guides as well.