Heroes of Naturism : Enna Chaton

Enna Chaton is a French performance artist who utilises nudity in her work. Born in Grenoble in 1969, her work is remarkable for those of us who value the nude in art. Enna’s website is here.

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Enna is photographed (centre) in the bottom photo.

I’ve sourced the images from ‘Google Images;. There are many more -dozens- on her website, as well as some performance videos, and I urge you to visit the site and explore it a bit (site is in French, but it should be navigable easily enough for non-French speakers).

I can’t begin to say I fully understand what some of the works represent, but I have my own interpretation of them, and that’s what Art is about: your own interpretation.

What I do understand is that several of the works certainly normalise nudity in domestic situations, making the act of being nude as normal as all humanity should experience it. And that’s a good thing.