‘She’s the most important thing in my life’

I’m sorry to say I missed the ‘tell me a story’ contest that Exposeur Poses are running.

The remit was to pick up a box of poses at the front entrance (they’re still available, free!) and tell a story with them, across a few photographs.

I’d certainly have been keen to enter had I picked up on this earlier! Perhaps I could have used the cash prize (L$10k) and giftcard (L$5k) to ‘give back’ to the models who’ve so willingly and freely given of their time and patience over the past couple of years. It just goes to show that it’s important to be ‘on the ball’ in respect of these matters!

Never mind. Next year, perhaps! 🙂

Despite missing the cut-off date, and not complying with the contest’s rules (which categorically state ‘no genitals‘! Sorry…we’re a naturist blog after all! 🙂 ) I rounded up models Malgorzata -by now a familiar face in some of my work- and Markus to act out a mini-essay of their day at the beach. Utilising only the poses in the free pack, and another one called ‘Heavy in my Arms’ (L$175), I’ve created a little mini essay that all of you ladies who continually put up with us guys acting like idiots a lot of the time will recognise! 🙂

mal and markus_001bc

‘When she overheard me asking some of the guys to come over to watch the football game, she became quiet and withdrawn’.

mal and markus3_001bc‘You said we could spend the evening together’, she objected, and I guess she was right. I’d said we would buy a DVD and spend the evening cuddled up on the sofa.

mal dive_001bcdBefore I had time to think or react, she headed off for a swim, leaving me to reflect on my own stupidity

mal and markus5_001bcI felt terrible! It’s only a football game, and she’s the most important thing in my life.

mal and markus6_001bc‘I’m sorry, babes’, I told her, ‘I’m just a dumb guy who doesn’t think too much’. Her warm embrace told me I was forgiven until the next time I act like a jerk! 🙂