Hontouniheart’s thoughts on ‘nakation’

I’m delighted to learn (via Pookes, a member of British Naturism and user of Facebook) that Hontouniheart, friend of SLN, is blogging on the Clothes Free Life website, and her Twitter account is being promoted via British Naturism’s Facebook page.

You can find Hontouniheart’s Twitter page here, and how (amongst other things) ‘I left my a richer person than when I first stepped into it. Still marinating in the glow of an amazing experience‘. Wonderful, positive words indeed! 🙂

You can also read Hontouniheart’s thoughts on her clothes free vacation at Clothes Free Life.


A recommended read from a great, great writer & blogger.





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Images ©2015 Sachin Parekh via Facebook

It appears we’re in hashtag heaven/hell today.

I’ve been taken to task for what one reader sees as my blanket dismissal of social media, and she suggests that ‘social media can often do good’. I don’t think that I can argue with the messages in the images (above) that she pointed me towards, as all reflect some people’s bullying of one another and the consequences of bullying.

The final image, though, sums up my cynicism towards social media.


A familiar ‘I bet most of you won’t claim, and the kicker that you should be part of the 1% who share. Go on, you know you want to feel good about yourself, so click that button!

I’ve written about this before: we’re looking at this all wrong. The messages in society are ‘girls, don’t get drunk and get raped’ rather than ‘boys, treat women with respect and don’t rape or assault women’. The message in respect of this social media meme should be less ‘share and feel good about yourself in doing so and demonstrate your sense of caring’ and more of ‘teach your children these values so that it’s part of our societal DNA, not something (young) people need to be reminded to do (or not do)’.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the messages being delivered on social media. There is something wrong where it’s social media who push things which should be learnt at a mother’s bosom before a child can walk.

I accept the reader’s premise for thinking about the issues in the manner she does, but it does not convince me that drivel like Facebook should be core to our sense of values (particularly when they seem to persist with the idea that videos of beheadings are acceptable).


Virtual Identities and Choice

Virtual Identities and Choice.

originally posted on Kat’s blog.

An excellent argument as to why you don’t need to be on Facebook, the black plague of social media, in my opinion, although there’s not an enormous amount of difference between any of them.

It isn’t ‘free’ as they like to tell you. You ‘pay’ with your personal details. I’ve also written before about how I object to their moral compass, a world wherein videos of beheadings pass muster while ‘nude’ -or simply breast-feeding Mums- are banned. What does that say about the world in which Facebook operate?



Kat makes some excellent points, and offers alternatives and solutions to avatars ‘need’ to operate on social media such as Facebook.





Facebook nudity

I’ve no idea how long a video from a naturist group in France will last on Facebook, but it seems to me that the company is fighting a losing battle against ‘skin’. They just haven’t acknowledged it yet.




In the video, a young woman appears to be providing instruction into the best way to use a pareo.

(I found the video on a blog called Naturiste Lyon France, by the way. Yes, I do keep up with some websites that will highlight events happening in the world of RL naturism, events often gven their own SL twist for the purposes of this blog).

Clearly you don’t need any assistance putting a pareo on in SL, but there’s a rather gorgeous dollarbie at M&M fashion on the Marketplace.









I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet. Apparently it’s doing the rounds on Facebook and it’s called the Bibikini, an entirely strapless affair (top and bottom).





Apparently it’s stuck on with little bits of double sided tape. Each part, top and bottom, costs €19 (£13.50, $20.50). It looks uncomfortable on the bottom, I have to say, and there’s no mention of quite how successfully it might work for a lady with larger boobs than either the model or your correspondent. 🙂

I’ve been able to find no further information or commentary on it, but I’m reliably informed (I haven’t been able to access it) that many commenters on the FB page have said that when it gets to this, full nudity seems like a more sensible option. Hooray! Swimwear manufacturers have finally reached the point where they’re encouraging textiles to embrace naturism.




Roman Bures : A hero of naturism

I’m going to encourage you to check out Roman Bures’ website. Roman appears to be a Czech illustrator whose site show some charming naturist drawings, full cartoon books, written in Czech, so I don’t know what the story lines are, other than naked people appear to be battling men with guns and triumphing. There may, or may not, be some sort of heroine called ‘Dracica’.

Roman also has a Facebook presence, so if you use that social medium, check it out.

roman bures drawing


At times like these, Ella would probably be suggesting she wouldn’t show artwork as it’ll be subjected to copyright, so to be on the safe side I’ll do the same and just show a photograph of what appears to be an exhibition of these ‘Dracica’ comics. If anyone in the Czech Republic can provide more information on Roman Bures and his work (in English) I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Why is Roman ‘a hero of naturism’? Anyone creating comics about a naturist heroine is a hero in my eyes. And his drawings also seem to be slipping through Facebook’s ‘no nudes’ net, so he’s a hero for that too. And as SLN did experiment with a ‘comic’ style a while back (Ella’s exploring further options on how the magazine’s formatted in the future), I suppose we identify with what’s going on here -heroic naturists- even if we don’t understand the text. So it seems that Roman really qualifies as an SLN ‘hero of naturism’ three times over.



Smile in public

I dimly recall Ella once did a post about whether SLN was ahead of the pulse, on the pulse or ever so slightly behind the pulse. I can’t find it, but I’m sure she blogged to that effect.

Earlier in the week we did our ‘Topless Tuesday’ posting featuring a Turkish model who used it as an opportunity to educate and enlighten us into the tension that might exist for and against Muslim headwear, and also to go topless as message of her support for Iranian women who don’t have the choice to go without a headscarf and have resorted to Facebook with their ‘Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women‘ campaign, in which they post photos of themselves without headwear.

Yesterday, almost right on the pulse in terms of SL reaction to the real, screwed up world, another avatar sent Ella a photo and a notecard which Ella has passed onto me.

It appears that the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Bulent Arinc, declared that Turkish women should not laugh in public. Further reports on this comment, which also included remarks on sexuality, sexual behaviour, and even the use of mobile phones, can be found here, here and here.

And I guess it’s the use of mobile phones (cellphones) that has accelerated a sudden and maybe unexpected backlash against Mr. Arinc wh0 -surprise, surprise- appears to have an election in the autumn.

Because Turkish women have immediately responded, using their mobile phones and the social media apps on them, to post photos of themselves…..smiling and laughing!

And this has already gone all the way to SL, with one reader sending a smiling photo of herself and asking us to publish and promote it in order to highlight yet another attack on the freedoms of women in the Middle East.

turkish smile

A Turkish SL avatar asks us to add her defiance of the ‘smile ban’ (her words).

Turkish Women laugh on twitter


RL Turkish women take to Twitter and Facebook to also defy the Deputy PM’s advice.

You can read about these acts of defiance here and here and here

Our old friends Femen have also got in on the act with their Turkish Twitter page…


If there’s any other Turkish avatars out there who would like to add their smiling photographs, send a photograph to me, Eva Pookes, and I’ll post them here on SLN.