Vintage Season : The death of humanity

Hi, all!

I’m just jumping into Ella’s Vintage Season because I’d spotted some vintage photos while researching one of my posts (not vintage related) and I thought they would fit the theme up to a point.

tumblr_muriieQjch1r5wwrso1_1280 tumblr_muriieQjch1r5wwrso2_1280 tumblr_muriieQjch1r5wwrso3_1280


The photos above are by František Drtikol, a Czech photographer well known for nude work, apparently, and whose work included this ‘study of the crucifixion : death of humanity’, dated 1914.

I’m no art expert, but I think there can be little doubt that Drtikol is making a clear link between Christ’s crucifixion and the outbreak of the First World War, an obvious death of humanity.

BDSM isn’t and never will be an SLN thing, but I felt I had to do a replication of sorts for the post. While not being a church goer myself, I recognise the sensitivities involved in replicating such a scene. It would have been possible to replicate a Biblical-era cross for the photo but I felt uneasy with that, opting for a BDSM-styled cross instead, and they’re two-a-penny across the SL grid, with BDSM being a far larger genre of SL role-play than I imagined!

pookes bdsm_001b