Vivre Nu

Vivre Nu (Living Naked) is a film by Robert Salis, and focuses on the French naturist lifestyle in the 1990s.

Featured (at the 28 min mark) is Christiane Lecocq, the ‘mother of French naturism’ who died recently aged 104 and whose passing we reported last week.

At the time of the filming she would have been 82, and the brisk walk and athleticism of a woman in her 80s, as evidenced in the film, is a remarkable testament to the health benefits of a rounded naturist lifestyle.

vivre nu



French cover to the DVD of the film







English language cover to the DVD

The full film (1 hr 45 mins) is on youtube and is a remarkable document of the French naturist scene in the early 1990s, at just about the time I was taking my own first steps (in France) into the naturist lifestyle. Who knows? I may even be in some of the scenes filmed at Cap D’Agde (when it was wholesome and not a swingers’ paradise)






If you’re French, or French-speaking, you may wish to explore what appears to be a relatively new site (around six months old), Zerokini, which bills itself as a ‘Social Network for Naturists’. I’ve had a look around it and think it has the potential to be an exceptionally good resource of naturist information.

I can largely read French, speak it a bit…but I’m not very good at listening to it because (and all of us, around the globe, whatever our native language, are guilty of this) French people speak too quickly!

I suppose I’m a bit of a Francophile. Apart from the naturist opportunities it presents, there’s the beautiful countryside, a wonderfully positive attitude to life (at least outside the major cities), the food, the wine, its films and music. While I’m not a terrific TV or movie watcher, I do have a small collection of ‘nouvelle vague’ French movies which I adore for a sense of mood. If you don’t speak French, ‘nouvelle vague’ means ‘new wave’, and represented a new wave of French film directors in the 1960s.

And, of course, my introduction to naturism took place in France, where my nude debut was met with a typical ‘who cares?’ Gallic shrug, while I foolishly imagined the eyes of the world (or at least, Cap D’Agde) were upon me. And in case you’re new to SLN, let me reiterate this was Cap D’Agde as a pure and genuine naturist city, prior to the arrival of the sordid exhibitionism and partner-swapping it’s more closely associated with today.

I guess that if I won the lottery, could retire and was choosing a place to live out my days, it would be in France, close to some sort of naturist facility. For the weather, for the lifestyle, for the food, for the wine, for the culture.

Despite the fact it’s a French language site, it’s not confined to reporting on French naturism. Indeed, there’s a world map with a huge number of global naturist locations pinned on it, and it’s looking like it may be a valuable resource for years to come.

Their forums also seem to have a thread wherein naturism of the ‘virtuel’ variety is discussed. I wonder if my French is up to informing them of the SL variety of ‘virtuel’ naturism? 🙂

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on Zerokini, because its comprehensive nature means that it will serve as a rich source of inspiration for SLN posts in the months ahead. All it takes is reference to a particular naturist activity we’ve maybe not previously covered in SLN and we’re instantly trying to recreate that, to give a flavour of the wide variety of naturist activities available in RL, and therefore should be available in SL.