Oifis an Poist

Looks like (coming in on the back of Ella’s French titled post) we’re in polyglot mode here on SLN today!

Here’s another of my SL replicates RL posts.

When I saw the RL image on the web, I knew I had to try to replicate it. ‘Oifis an Poist’ is the Irish for ‘Post Office’. I know Ireland’s post offices, letter boxes and so on have a green livery. I know that, if it’s in Ireland, a redhead pretty much has to be included to maintain national stereotypes. And I know an Irish, redheaded avatar -Fionnuala, we’ve featured her before- in SL!

Well, I couldn’t find an Irish Post Office in SL, but I did find a green painted building (at the O’Hare’s Gap sim), so I rounded up Fionnuala and got her to pose in front of it to replicate RL in SL once more.

post office_001b tumblr_n0x9rcfPJ11sv24jzo1_1280