My naturist vacation suitcase (2)

Lara Hurley Skins have a Valentine’s Day skin out (free group join, L$0 for the skin), so if you like the look of this one for your naturist suitcase, hurry along before its gone.

daphne lara hurley skin_001b daphne lara hurley skin2_001b

Thanks to the generosity of my new colleagues, I’ve received a folder of naturist locations I mostly didn’t know about, so I found this log at Su Casa Naturist to pose, and to get stripped down to a bikini. (Su Casa is, from what I can determine, more ‘clothing optional’ than demanding of full nudity). Reading back over the blog it’s clear that Ella is baffled why skin designers will censor skin photos. I agree it’s better to see the full effect of a skin whilst fully nude, and I’d certainly do that myself, in private, when buying new skins (and I’m a bit of a skin junkie, as you’ll find out).

However, I’m not particularly disposed to getting my boobies (or anything else) out in SL public, so it was a bit of a nervous photoshoot at Su Casa to even discard my bikini top. Thankfully no one was around, so I got away with it 🙂 Yes, it’s probably a cop-out, posing in a bikini at a naturist location, but I’m just not at the point where I’m going to show full-skin off yet. Maybe later, maybe not. Anyway, it’s a nice pale (but not alabaster) skin that would be very reflective of many of us at this time of year, devoid of tan, so it suits me to wear this skin until the weather warms up, the sun adds some heat to itself, and we can begin to think about getting a little colour into our skins.