Update on the blog

Last week, bowing to pressure from the great SL public (OK, a few SL friends asked me to reconsider my decision to close the blog), I’ve been ‘interviewing’. The CVs have trickled in, and in some cases almost immediately been weeded out.

Anyone reading the blog over the years will have known how much faith Ella placed in ‘genuine naturism’, and hers was pretty much a one-woman crusade to reflect family orientated, non-sexual, social nudity. It’s pretty depressing to then get SL-CVs from people who ‘look forward to getting [pixel bounced] at a bondage sim’ and similar. I don’t know what you do, but if I’m applying for a job, or a new role, I do some research. I’d make it my business to know that [pixel bouncing] isn’t part of the gig.

I’ve no idea, right now, if we will find an applicant who is suitable. If we do, will one applicant do? After all, it was an Ella & Pookes joint effort, a lot of the time.

Pookes has signed off on the blog, and I’m sorry to see her go but would take this opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to her for her work on SL Naturist. Ella’s still here, until September as previously arranged, so the blog posts won’t dry up entirely.

I was thinking about Pookes today because I was flicking through some of the SL blogosphere and spotted an item that I thought I wanted, and was via one of the blogs, SL Freebies & more, that Pookes championed.

There’s two free gifts at their current round of the ‘Cosmopolitan’ event. One’s a day bed, which I took a copy of anyway but haven’t unpacked yet. The other is the item I specifically wanted. A pot of lavender. That’s correct. You did read that right.



I keep an idiosyncratic home in Second Life and it has to kinda reflect me. Silly things that are aspects of my real life are in evidence.

stone owls2_001b

stone owls2_002b


stone owls_001b


Stone owls, record players, books. I’m not much of a gardener but I do like to grow tomatoes and fresh herbs. I know this isn’t a kind of ‘sexy’ thing and quite boringto be written about and photographed in SL Naturist but home grown tomatoes taste better, haven’t been plastered in phosphates, and our herbs add taste to all sorts of cooking. We like to do that too. Lavender, we grow. My missus likes to make lavender oil from it. So seeing lavender oil as a free gift was something I had to add to my Second Life home. Really I should lose the house I own at Eden Naturopolis and set a greenhouse there, surrounded by an expansive herb garden. Who needs sex beds when you’ve got a thick, luxuriant rosemary bush?

While I was at the event I spotted a ‘man bag’. I suppose it’s meant for the girls, but it’s something else I use in real life as I usually move with my phone, kindle, iPod, a camera and some sort of wet weather gear in there. A couple of pockets in your trousers or inside jacket pocket no longer is enough. I paid L$100 for this (see the photo below). It made me think of Pookes because it seemed like the sort of item she’d have blogged as ‘naturist accessory’.

howie & editor applicant_001b

The lady in the photo is an applicant for the SL Naturist editor’s job by the way.

If pressed for an answer, I’m going to say that it’s not looking good to get a replacement for Ella, and that I’m not hopeful we’ll go on past September. I’d love to be able to say differently, but that’s the reality. It’s not looking good. If there’s any change to that, I’ll let you know.

Have a good weekend!