#stripforjackie (No.1)

I’ve picked up on this story from London’s ‘Independent’ newspaper, in which, it is claimed, Lebanon is ouraged by the appearance of Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun appearing nude in a photograph, three years ago, for a ski calendar.


As a result of the ‘outcry’ against her (does Lebanon have an election imminent or something? Are the politicians posturing?) a social media campaign #stripforjackie has emerged and, of course, SLN are in full support of it because, as the ‘Independent’ link quotes, politicians should be ‘focused on bombs rather than boobs’. Quite. There is a (usual) political hypocrisy involved, where they -politicians- can tolerate people blowing things up, but not a pair of (largely concealed) breasts.

It’s a hypocrisy not unfamiliar in the wonderful world of SL. Blogs can and do write about and support and encourage and advertise ‘roleplay’ sims where rape, BDSM, bukkake, the subjugation of women and all manner of abusive activities (all aimed against women) occur, but bloggers can’t abide a pair of nipples being seen in their work. Ludicrous.

I’m going to be hitting the SL ski slopes in support of Jackie, and against hypocrisy both by RL politicians and SL bloggers. I urge you, if you’re a blogger, to do the same.