Easter at Eden Naturopolis: The Relay for Life fundraiser

We avatars in SL are generally very generous with our Linden dollars in support of good, charitable causes throughout the year. I know that SLN, via Howie, have given cash to plant trees in central America, I’ve given for educational projects in India, and Pookes has always given to support any ‘pink ribbon’ (breast cancer) project going.

Certainly, the Linden dollars we give don’t seemingly amount to a whole hill of RL monetary beans, but they do add up throughout the year. Over the Easter weekend it’s the turn of Relay for Life to take centre stage. Relay for Life is a walk/jog/run that raises money for cancer charities (the link takes you to the US site, but there’s also a UK equivalent, and there may be similar charities in your country).

OK…so you’re tossing L$10 into a bucket. Big deal, yeah? Well, actually it is a big deal. Since its inception, Second Life has raised over $2m for Relay for Life. That’s two million American, not Linden dollars. In 2014 SL raised $415,000, so I guess the magic number this year should be half a million (or more).

Over the Easter holiday there’s a series of events taking place at Eden Naturopolis, starting tomorrow (Good Friday). I’ve edited down a notecard sent out by Elbag Gable, owner of the Eden Estate, to give you flavour of what Eden is doing for this worthwhile cause,  and also to provide you with times of the events.

* Eden & Fruit – Relay for Life Air Show – April 2015 *

Please remember to donate some spare Linden dollars when you use the track.

Have fun and be courteous of others 🙂


Eden Air Race Track
Eden Poseidon Centre Party Area

— Event will be held at Eden Air Circuit (pylon race course)
— The fund-raiser will start March 28th and end April 4th.
— March 28th practice opens and donation boxes will be put out.
— April 4th will be our main event day with the main race and party.
— Vendors and display planes are set out. Demo planes available.
For Each race on Saturday the 4th April, we will accept the top 10 pilots from the weeks practice (in each category). So if you wish to race on Saturday, go to the track any time before the 4th April and get you best time on the board. This is because we have a number of races and time is limited.


1pm SLT – Friday 3rd April 

* Air Ship Rally *

Meg Madrigal has kindly supplied us with free R4L airships. We will launch from the Eden Poseidon Centre Party Area (see LM above). We will fly around Eden, The North Sea and The Fruit Islands, returning to Poseidon Centre Party Area for a little party. Recommended speed is 6 Kts and cruising at 30 to 40 m altitude.

6 am SLT – Saturday 4th April
* Fun Cat’s Speeder race *
(free RFL Speeders provided). Eden Air Race Track 

8 am SLT – Saturday 4th April
* Delorian race *
sponsored by Tempest Inc..
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vehicle-Based-on-Time-Machine-Car/5932423 Eden Air Race Track

10 am SLT – Saturday 4th April
* Retro plane race / Wing Walkers *
Any older retro plane, wing walking and fun plane. Eden Air Race Track.

12 miday SLT – Saturday 4th April
* Main event – Modern plan race *
This will be a high-performance plane race. Eden Air Race Track.

2pm SLT – Saturday 4th April
* Big Party and prize giving *
DJ from Smash/Wrench. Eden Poseidon Centre Party Area.
Modern plan race. Prizes will be from TBM & LSI
3rd: 1 product of your choice
2nd: 2 products of your choice
1st: 3 products of your choice

Retro plane race / Wing Walkers. Prize will be from Cubey Terra, Terra Aeronautics
1st place: Terra Atom

Delorian race. Prize will be from Tempest Inc..
1st place: Special edition, unique Relay for Life Purple Delorian made by The Developer.
Participating sponsors: TBM, Grid Talkie, Cubey Terra – Terra Aeronautics, Smash-Wrench, Tempest Incorporated Creations Company, Kitty Blue Customs.
A Fly For Life Woman’s T-Shirt is available
Fly For Life / Relay for Life special paint for the TBM Xtreme available at the race track (see LM above).
Relay for Life in Second Life: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/
Delorean: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vehicle-Based-on-Time-Machine-Car/5932423
Smash Wrench: http://www.smash-wrench.com/


I’m delighted to say it was my very good fortune to run into Reillza Katana, an experienced pilot, who took me for a spin in ‘one of the slower planes’ (!)

Wow, what a blast it was. The photos can’t begin to convey the wonderful sense of speed and movement, or indeed my lunch moving closer from my stomach to the cockpit floor, lol. There are demo planes available at the airfield too, so Reillza encouraged me to try it for myself. Sadly, the controls didn’t work on my Mac as expected, and I ended up….goodness knows how many sims away!…before having to bail out and dive into the waters around Blue Lagoon Marina. I need to investigate how to work it before having a second attempt, I think. Sometimes you imagine SL can offer you nothing else that’s new, and then…









I’d encourage everyone to give the flying thing a go (or just aspire to sit beside an experienced pilot, as I did 🙂 )

Equally importantly, dig out those Linden dollars and contribute for what should be a fun and worthwhile cause at Eden over the weekend.