Naked at Machu Pichu

There have been recent stories of tourists ‘streaking’ at Machu Pichu, with Australians and Canadians arrested for it.

Apparently, it has also become something of an internet ‘meme’, with there being a FB page, ‘Naked at Monuments’, added. How this evades FB’s ludicrous ‘no nudity’ rule isn’t clear.


I picked up the photo (above) from the UK paper the Daily Mail…the consciousness of the British people (not really!) and our self-appointed moral guardian. Note how bottoms need to be pixellated, in case we’re shocked at what a bottom looks like.

The Peruvian authorities have said those indulging are ‘disrespectful’, which may be true, but in essence I’m guessing they harmed no one. And respect for anyone who goes running, for any distance, at high altitude!

(I’ve just noticed that Ella has posted a ‘Naked Jogging’ post today as well, so it looks like we have a ‘naked runners’ theme going today on SLN).

I hopped over to SL’s own Machu Pichu sim in order to show a bit of disrespect as well 😉

In my ‘Spencer’ alt, I took a couple of shots before tp’ing down from the thinner air to my more usual sea-level, naturist haunts.

spencer machu pichu_001b spencer machu pichu2_001b spencer machu pichu3_001cccd_Fotor

For those of you unaware, Daily Mail style, what a human being’s nether regions look like, I’ve blurred the appropriate bits in the third photo. I’d probably advise you to skip over photos 1 & 2. 🙂