‘Between your legs you have one of the finest instruments known to man, and all you can do is sit there scratching at it’

mags cello_001b mags cello2_001b


Checking  out other people’s blogs, I spotted that there was a cello animation available (which I wasn’t able to find and try out). Which reminded me of a naturist photograph of a girl, sitting playing the cello naked in a field (which, again, I wasn’t able to source on the internet, although searches for naked people with cellos did turn up some other results, see below.

So I sent our photographer Diane out with model Margaret to search for any other cello poses, animations that we could find in SL. The above are the results.

The blog title, incidentally is a quote attributed to the English conductor Sir Thomas Beecham.







The final photo is one by Man Ray, and is an image that would easily fit into our vintage season.

One of the really delightful things about SL is chancing upon the weird and wonderful. While I couldn’t find a cello I wanted, a trip to a musical instrument shop –Voodoo Instruments– unearthed a Salvador Dali installation. Based on ‘The Persistence of Memory’, it was created by Voodoo Shilton and it was begging to be tried out in a naturist way 😉 You can buy the installation for yourself for L$4000.

dali nude_001b


I will have to ask some of the others if it’s possible to somehow also add musical notation to a photograph, as that Man Ray photo with the ‘f’ holes superimposed on the model’s back is just begging to be re-created in an SL manner.