The Festival of Holi

I’m indebted to my SL friend Gray Muircastle, of Su Casa, for giving me the heads up on an event that may interest some of you SL naturists.

The Hindu festival of Holi is a festival of spring, love and colors. It can typically begin with a bonfire, singing and dancing.  Then follows a free-for-all of colors where people play, chase, and douse each other with powder paint or colored water. Groups roam the streets playing musical instruments and all enjoy the food and drink, which is often laced with Bhang, made from cannabis.



I’ve been to one of these Holi festivals in RL, and it was amazing fun!

Well…now’s your chance to participate in one in SL…paint will be provided, apparently, and it’s on tomorrow, Saturday 14th March, between 13:00 & 15:00 SLT (that’s 8pm-10pm in the UK, 9pm-11pm in central Europe). DJs are Sunshine, Michael Strange (who I know from Commune Utopia) and Full Macchi.

I’m looking forward to some bhangra styled sounds, I hope. I’ll be there, unless RL gives me a bad steer in the meantime.

The location for this Holi event is marked as being at Ashraya Support of Virginia Lupindo with the words ‘Naturist Home’ added, which means, I think, I hope, there will be some sort of naturism allowed.

That said, I can’t be definitive about this right now. India is conservative in its approach towards nudity, unless the nudity involves the (always naked) Jain priests, so I would advise that you at least tp in wearing something until you are sure of the dress code.

It’s not altogether clear, despite the ‘naturist home’ title, if it is a naturist event, or if it might be attended by some Indian avatars who could take offence to your or my nudity, so please tp in clothed to begin with.

I would be thrilled and excited if it was a naturist event attended by Indian avatars, because it would give each of us the opportunity to socialise and understand one another better and (from my perspective) gauge attitudes to nudity from Indians (I’ve still not finished the troublesome page of SLN12, remember, on Indian attitudes to nudity, the only article not finished and holding back publication of SLN12).

I hope to see you all there, dressed or naked.





edited to add (courtesy of Commune Utopia Group notices): there’s a youtube video advertising the event here. Donations will go to helping in RL.