American Apparel, again

We’ve written about American Apparel before, when they were setting out mannequins with pubic hair and visible nipples.

Checking the date, it seems it’s exactly a year ago that I wrote that blog post, and the cynic in me is already thinking ‘is it the time of year when American Apparel courts controversy already?’

This year, it’s not the presence of nipples and girl fur on mannequins that’s the issue, it’s the lack of either on their models.

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Above, after airbrushing and below, the same model (and bra) as seen on the company’s website.




You can read more at the Animal website, where Michelle Lytle, an anti-censorship activist and co-founder of a nipple-print bikini top called the TaTa Top is quoted as saying that “American Apparel has taken many stances with their ‘legalize gay’ and ‘legalize LA’ shirts. To see them taking a strong stance on those issues but not on women’s equality is disappointing.”

Note: The Tata Top is a bikini top that comes in flesh tones to create the impression, from distance, that the wearer is topless (see image below)


RED _w3a2484.jpg