Midnight Lotus Callisto nipples

It was my absolute pleasure to talk to Hasuko Kuramoto at Commune Utopia’s Friday evening dance. If you don’t know, she owns and runs Midnight Lotus, a company that specialises in SL genitalia.

Midnight Lotus have a Marketplace presence, and have a store inworld, plus other outlets at sims like Wild Coast.



Anyway, our attention was drawn away from those around us to IMs….shop talk!…Hasuko talking about her hopes and plans for Midnight Lotus in the future, and me doing the same regarding SLN.

At some point in the conversation I started moaning about skins in some stores coming with nipple pasties attached so that you can’t properly get the full effect.

‘Try these’, laughed Hasuko, and passed me her Callisto nipples set, which I’ve spent a bit of the afternoon playing with, so to speak 🙂 , and concluding that these are marvellous!


I’ve got a skin I like but the nipples aren’t quite me. I might have been able to make a more qualified judgement on the skin had the store offered full disclosure over what can be found in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. But these will solve that problem, as I can now change the size of areola, the skin tone, the direction of them (kind of upwards in my case) and have total control over making them as unique to me as nipples are to everyone else on the planet.


In the first photo I’m wearing them ‘out of the box’. Not my colour and not perfectly fitted…I wanted the photograph to show that they’re easily applied and can then be ‘fine tuned’ later as you experiment with the extensive control hud that offers full flexibility.


Picture 2 shows them with a different skin tone. Again, I’ve not fine tuned them for a perfect fit, that would take a few minutes to get absolutely correct, but it has only been a couple of clicks from the default to something that is now starting to look like me. 🙂



The nipples also offer some other interesting options. I’m almost beyond the point in life where I need to express milk 🙂 and I’ve certainly no plans to go through that again. But if you’re role-playing a new mother, then options such as these are terrific, and included as standard – there’s no need to purchase add-ons!


Again, an aversion to needles means that I’ve only ever had piercings done once in RL, on my ear lobes, when I was about 15. One piercing got infected and uncomfortable, so I took the studs out and have never since had my ears, or anything else, pierced. Certainly not my nipples!

However, there are plenty in SL who do like pierced nipples, and once again Hasuko has created a work of genius, by adding in about a dozen different nipple piercing styles as standard, and which will fit your nipples at the click of a button. No adjustment necessary!

What I’m going to say is that I’ve tried nipple piercings in SL over the years, but couldn’t really warm to them. Just too much adjustment was needed to the point where they became irritating. These, though, are the best I’ve ever tried and there is so much flexibility in them!

I’m currently at the stage shown in the second photo, and I’ll continue to fine-tune them to be a perfect fit when I get a moment away from RL to give them proper attention.

Every woman should own a pair of these! In terms of avatar enhancement, they’re one of the best items I’ve ever encountered.


Realistic freebie penis

Just a reminder…since this came up in comments, and it was a timely reminder that one of the first purchase newbie male avatars will want to secure, is that Midnight Lotus have a free, realistic penis at their mainstore.

I got Harry to pop over there, and he’s helpfully provided the SL url to tp you as close to the item as possible (it’s on a stool beside where you land).

Yes, I realise that it must be devastating to get yourself born into SL and find that you’ve been emasculated! And many of the freebie ‘cocks’ you’ll see advertised are dreadful, stupidly sized and badly coloured items.

The Midnight Lotus ‘chrome edition’ is fashioned with as much care as any of their other products, with the exception that it’s ‘non functioning’, that is, it won’t become erect, and won’t pee or ejaculate for you. While this may be something of a drawback if your SL intentions are elongated sessions of cybersex, it does look the part, and the fact that it’s non-functioning and devoid of erectile tissue 🙂 should not detract that it’s properly sized and available in different colours, thus making your avatar complete and realistic.

Harry uses an Xcite penis (this is information that I probably didn’t need to know, lol) in daily use, so I asked him to give me a couple of photographs with his usual ‘equipment’ and the Midnight Lotus free version. Check it out for yourselves, fellas!

harry midnight lotus freebie1_001b

Harry wearing the free Midnight Lotus ‘Chrome Edition’ penis

harry xcite_001b


Harry wearing his usual Xcite genitalia.

I have to say that I don’t see much difference, do you? Obviously, for absolute realism, if you wish to have genitalia that pees, ejaculates or grows erect, you will need to spend L$$$! In the meantime, if you’re a newbie, and you just need a complete, realistic look, then the ‘Chrome’ version from Midnight Lotus is the absolute way forward.


Newbie Special Part 2 (the new male)

Following on from the invention of a female avatar from scratch, here’s the male version, in photos.

The skin is from 8Designe, the hair from Dura, the free (non functioning) realistic penis from Midnight Lotus (free ‘Chrome’ edition). Links to each store to follow tomorrow night.


One of the ‘old style’ starter male avatars. If your avatar should ever get ‘stuck in a cloud’, i.e. he doesn’t ‘bake’ properly, a re-bake will revert him to this old style avi. The female re-bake’ reverts to the pink polka dot, ponytailed girl I started life as.


Stripped down, the skin from a few years back is even more ill-defined than today’s ‘out of the box’ avatars are.


Keeping the original shape, but adding the (Feb 2014) group gift male skin from 8Designe.


Note how the emasculated male is ‘born’ without genitals. These need to be added separately for all male avatars.


Picking up the realistic looking genitals from Midnight Lotus, our new male avatar now begins to look more…um…manly! 🙂


Tweaking the shape, and losing the newb hair, our new male now looks more realistic. Even leaving him bald is fine, as male pattern baldness means many males will have no hair, so this does not look out of place necessarily.



Adding the current free group hair gift from Dura, our new male now has a mohawk.

I’ll continue to develop our male friend tomorrow, and we’ll then begin to add more detail and accessories to both of our new ‘out of the box’ models, again without spending a single Linden dollar.