Naked chicks on motorbikes

Something of a theme, isn’t it? From movies to photographs, naked women on motorbikes is something of a meme in biking/nude photography.

Over at Turlaccor bike shop, you can join the group -free- and enter into Midnight Mania to win a free bike. The limit is set at around 200 clicks per item, but the sim is popular enough to ensure that you’ll get something each day.

Santa has also left a bag of goodies in a bag. It’s a bit ‘lucky dip’, but you can go back each hour and try your luck for something new.

So far Santa has presented me with a set of leathers, which I won’t blog on a naturist blog 🙂 as well as a terrific looking bike!

See the photo…

pookes turlaccor xmas freebie_001b


From advertising to exhibitionism to part of, maybe, Hell’s Angels culture, naked women (and men) on bikes are a theme that isn’t going to go away (and please, no jokes about something throbbing between my legs! 🙂 )

bk NAKEDWOMANONAHONDA Original Vintage Poster Nude Naked Biker Motorcycle Po Two-girls-are-photographed-with-a-motorcycle-on-the-coast-1-700x412


Maybe I need to investigate if tales of certain behaviour in real life Motorcycle gangs and meets is replicated in SL.

So it looks very much as if you can obtain your own set of wheels on which to pose naked (or even better, race naked) in Second Life.