Naked in the rain

One of the most wonderful experiences is to be naked in the rain. While on holiday I’ve swum while the rain has bounced off the water right infant of my eyes, and it does seem to add an extra layer of exhilaration to nude swimming. Similarly, to be on a beach which empties, in seconds, if a shower comes on…it just makes me want to dance naked as raindrops land on me.

ella rain pose4_001b_Fotor

Dancing naked in the rain

CV Design, on the Marketplace, have some very affordable poses that includes this ‘rain’ one, shown above. While perusing their MP store I also saw the next one, below, called ‘Dreams’, and it made me think that there are few of us who haven’t made this pose in the shallows in our lives, just laid back on the sand as the last of a wave ebbs and flows over us.

ella dream pose2_001b


Wild, wet weather

There’s been absolutely appalling amounts of rain where I am, with guttering barely able to cope with the amount of rain coming down outside, roads flooded thanks to a combination of the volume of water and a lot of leaves clogging up drains. I’d got up this morning to a reasonably mild and dry morning, walked the children to school and came home to do a bit of work from my desk in the study. If you’ve ever visited SLN’s offices at the Eden Naturist Estate, the real life version is remarkably similar, dominated by a huge and overflowing bookcase, a desk and the computer equipment.

My mother used to call these weeks ‘the dark days before Christmas’, and it was so true today, necessitating lights on by 2pm, just as I left to walk down to the school and collect the children. It was raining as I left, but they had their wet-weather coats on, hats, gloves, and it’s only a ten minute walk, so we don’t use the car. Oops! What a bad mother I am, as the heavens opened just as the school bell rang and we had to trudge uncomfortably back home in what seemed like monsoon type of rain. They managed to get home quite dry, but I was soaked right through to the skin. Having got them changed and into dry clothing, I settled them down with some glasses of milk before heading into the kitchen to try to peel off denim jeans soaked right through. Have you any idea what a difficult task that is?

Yep…wet right through to my undies…which I was in the process of taking off and throwing into the washing machine when I noticed that a couple of towels which I’d pegged out yesterday and forgot about had now slumped to the grass. So I’m in the kitchen, totally naked, and I make a decision that, rather than get more clothes wet, I should make a dash to the bottom of the garden to retrieve the towels wearing nothing but my birthday suit and my wellington boots 🙂

Being naked in the rain wasn’t a first for me; I’ve been on naturist beaches when there have been showers, and gone swimming in pools while rain bounced off the surface of the water -I mean, I’m going to be wet anyway, so tramping back to a naturist apartment in rain, or to the pool in a downpour is no big deal- so it seemed the rather more logical thing to do than get another set of clothes soaked in the time it took me to get down the garden and back.




Still, as the summer fades to nothing more than a memory, and next year before I get some first-hand naturism in again, it was still fun to dash naked down the garden to retrieve some fallen washing. But that little, totally unexpected bit of naturism was fun.



Dancing naked in the rain

I don’t know if you remember the Blue Pearl song ‘Dancing Naked in the rain‘ (from 1990). A big hit in the UK and on the US dance charts, it soundtracked my and my boyfriend’s summer of 1991 because our weekends always seemed to coincide with downpours. Disappointingly, there wasn’t any actual ‘dancing naked in the rain’ in the video.

At the time I lived in a pokey downstairs terraced apartment with a very small back yard. The yard itself wasn’t overlooked, and barely saw daylight except in the late afternoon in June, so it was possible to hang washing out there nude without any fear of being overseen. At the time I was more naturist-curious than actual naturist. And so my boyfriend and I did dance naked in the rain one day. A real downpour which was bouncing off the roof, bouncing off the tiles in the yard. No, it wasn’t Blue Pearl that was on. I forget what we danced to, an upbeat dance track certainly, and we giggled like children as we got soaked. It was fun, one of those spur of the moment things where we’d been sitting chatting, listening to music, then stood up to watch this particularly heavy downpour from the window, then just deciding ‘we should dance naked in the rain’ followed by a rapid strip and a dash outside to do one of those silly things it’s great to do.

I’m reminded of this incident because I’ve heard a particularly wet and windy weekend lies ahead of us in the UK. No going out and kicking up leaves around the local parks for us. A huge Atlantic storm is threatening to reach the UK, having already caused some damage in the likes of Guadeloupe as part of Hurricane Gonzalo.

We don’t get hurricanes in the UK. Well…we do…but they’re a rare, rare event, and are usually substantially weakened before they reach us. Note that the UK Hurricane of 1987 was on…October 15th! 27 years ago yesterday!

pookes rain2_001b pookes rain3_001b

From my study, I have watched the rain this afternoon, and when the other half came home about an hour ago he came up the stairs and poked his head around the door. ‘Oh…back on Second Life’, he said, before heading to the bedroom to get dressed down in his jogging pants and sweatshirt. ‘What are you writing about?’

‘Dancing naked in the rain?’, I called after him.

‘Yes!’ came the immediate reply.





And so….we did! We tore off our clothes and ran outside into our garden (and we’re lucky enough not to be overlooked) to leap about like two big kids. It was fabulous.


Ella adds: I’d never been naked in the rain until last June, when we experienced a torrential downpour in Spain, beginning about midnight and lasting for a couple of hours. I ran down to the pool and sat in a corner, watching the rain bounce off the surface of the water. I found it to be a magical experience. 

Let it rain

Most of us involved in SLN are Brits. So we know rain. We talk about the weather. A lot! It’s a national obsession.

And a spot of rain doesn’t bother us one bit. In fact, one of my Spanish holidays involved two days of heavy downpours, forcing most people indoors. Us? We sat naked on the balcony -at a table situated under an awning- and watched the rain. It was magical to be outside watching the rain come down in torrents. By the second day of downpours we’d grown a little bored by it (but not much) and were in the pool at our complex when the rain started. And we just stayed in the pool, swimming naked in the rain. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 🙂

We don’t normally advertise external sims, but the H220 sim is rather marvellous, a vision of maybe a post-apocalyptic world where everything is slowly sinking under the water. And boy, is it raining!

mal rain_001b mal rain2_001b mal rain4_001b roberta rain3_001b

It appear that there are plenty of posing opportunities at H220, and if you want a different ambience to your SL photographs it’s somewhere I’d recommend. (Note: it’s not naturist, so if you are tp’ing in, go dressed and only get stripped off if it’s unlikely you’re going to offend).