Occasionally, when in Spain, I’ll witness a couple of flamingoes flying parallel to the beach. They’re on their way down to Cabo de Gata National Park, where there are nesting/breeding grounds. I have to confess I don’t know a lot about birds or birdwatching.

There are a couple of naturist beaches within the park itself, but I’ve never visited them. It’s still nice to see less common wildlife ‘on the wing’, though, and we keep promising ourselves a drive down there some time and match a bit of naturist sea & sunbathing to connecting with wildlife.

Not so much in the way of wildlife breeding/nesting grounds in SL, but Diane took a model along to an SL zoo, where we got this photo of a naturist ‘communing’ with flamingoes. I think the lesson here is ‘look hard enough and you’ll find all manner of human (and wild) life is available in SL’.



In case you aren’t sure…here’s the real thing, wading around in the real Cabo de Gata.




My naturist vacation suitcase (1)

We’re starting a new ‘series’ today, and introducing a new writer to the staff, albeit in a temporary capacity.

Daphne has been around SL for quite some time, isn’t naturist, and is more inclined to be seeking out bargains -freebies and dollarbies- than hitting the naturist beaches. An aspiring writer, with plans for -eventually- her own blog, we thought she’d be perfect in a certain capacity. We’ll hand you over to Daphne to introduce herself, and to explain the thinking behind this brief (now until June) series.



Hi! I’m Daf, or Daphne, and as Pookes has said, I’m not a SL (or RL) naturist. So what am I doing on this naturist blog? Looking back through the blog you’ll find that the ladies will regularly reference how naturists will ‘dress up’ in the evenings, often in flowing, airy gowns and sometimes sexy, slightly revealing costumes. I would say from experience that this is also a familiar tale at non-naturist vacation locations, where the bikini is cast aside as evening approaches, and a bit of dressing up in advance of an evening meal, entertainment and dancing is part of the deal.

With that in mind, my brief is to source what I imagine will be a heaving suitcase, with a different costume for each night of the vacation, and all quite glam and glitzy. And the brief is to make it sexy and cheap. That’s ‘cheap’ in a sense of freebies and dollarbies, not ‘trashy’.

As Ella has explained, her previous experience on another blog helped her with the writing of this one, and so there’s a sense of me serving an apprenticeship on SLN before, over the summer, creating my own fashion blog. So I’d like to say thanks to Ella and Pookes for giving me the chance to write and I hope I don’t let either of you down.

I’m going to kick off with this Boho styled dress, currently available at the ‘With Love’ fair. Priced at L$0, I imagine it’s a light and airy number, very summery, that will be cool on hot summer nights.

daphne boho dress2_001b


Looks good, yes?

I’ll try to provide regular additions to the suitcase between now and June. And you never know, I might even have to try the SL naturist experience for myself somewhere along the line! Who can tell?



Heroes of naturism: Carina Moreschi, brazilian naturist.

Hop on over to the google books brazil site and you’ll find an article (in Portuguese) about the quite well known Brazilian naturist Carina Moreschi.

You will also find a video of her (again, in Portuguese, but with English subtitles) here, explaining in a beautiful and simple way what naturism and naturist living means to her.


Carina and friend…she’s a wonderful ambassador for Brazilian naturism, and naturism in general.

Check out, if you use it, her Facebook page, and also her contributions on the brasilnaturista web site.

What makes her a hero to us is that she walks the walk as well as talking the talk, and when she does talk it is often to define naturism in such clear, simple, logical ways as to leave the unvoiced question hanging in the air, ‘and can you explain to me exactly why you do wear clothes?’

Carina, I think, is also active around one of Brazil’s most famous naturist beaches, Praia do Pinho.

While you can find many photographs of Carina and other Brazilian naturist activists around, I asked Diane to replicate the one below, in the time honoured tradition of us replicating RL in SL.