Giardina di Vita

There’s a stunning new sim called the Giardina de Vita (The Garden of Life) that I spotted on the updated Ad Vitam Aeternam blog.

It’s almost certainly not naturist, but what the heck…no one was around. The photographs I took accurately reflect how I spent the weekend, gardening or harvesting nature’s bounty.

That has certainly eaten into what might be SL time, but between that, and getting ready for my holiday next week, I thought that there was something nice about the fact that my little available SL time was reflecting my RL time. Might that be a good place to stop my regular postings? I think it is.

ella giardinia de vita_001n

ella giardinia de vita2_001n

ella giardinia de vita3_001n

ella potting shed2_001b

ella potting shed3_001b


I will, as promised, be back to report on my RL naturist holiday, at the beginning of September. After that…who knows if SL Naturist will continue. From what I’ve read it looks as if Howie imagines there might be a reprieve. I hope there is. It would be terrible to see the blog just disappear. But apart from my now familiar ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, I think that’s me done. 🙂



My holiday companion for June 2015

This time last year I was about to set off on holiday with two non-naturist friends who, over the course of our week in Spain, became naturist by the week’s end, and I reported their findings over the course of a week with our usual ‘Postcards from Spain’ series. I decided not to do a ‘Postcards’ series in September, 2014, as I’d done it several times, essentially replicating RL naturist findings in an SL context as they occurred.

That decision led to several complaints 🙂

It appears that you seem to like the ‘Postcards’ postings, on the basis that they’ve provided some insight into a naturist holiday from both an experienced naturist and newbie naturist perspective.

In about three weeks I’ll be in Spain, again, for my first holiday of the year -the one where I go ‘solo’ and leave the family at home. Sign of a modern marriage? I think so. It’s what we’ve always done, right from when Mr.Keng and I were first stepping out together and took vacations away from one another. We saw no reason to change when we got married and we’ve more or less continued to take breaks independently of one another ever since. For instance, had the football results turned out differently, Mr. Keng might have been in Berlin tonight for the European Champions’ League final (it’s being played between Barcelona and Juventus -from Turin, Italy, if you aren’t familiar with European soccer) to watch one of the teams he admires, Real Madrid. They were eliminated at the semi-final stage. As it is, he was in Edinburgh last evening to watch Scotland beat Qatar 1-0, and today he’s off on a fishing trip, which will undoubtedly end up in a pub somewhere to watch the game with his pals. Me? I’m going to get in some quality SL time later, and begin planning what’s going in the holiday suitcase.

Holidays are, of course, best when shared, so let me introduce you to this year’s companion. 🙂



You’ve read about her before on these pages…

Yes, it’s my Dutch cousin Sylvia, the one who led the way on my first introduction to naturism in Cap D’Agde all those years ago. We see each other from time to time, and I used to stay at her apartment regularly when work took me to the Netherlands on a regular basis a few years ago. Despite sharing a set of grandparents, we’re quite often chalk and cheese in our approach to life. One common interest is, of course, naturism. Sylvia, her husband and their daughters are members of a Dutch naturist club, and she’s as regular a naturist holiday taker as I am. Perhaps even more so, as opportunities are more plentiful for her. Despite our common interest, we’ve never actually holidayed together since Cap D’Agde, despite promising ourselves we’d do so.

Sylvia had her children a few years before I did, so we each went through a period of thinking ‘oh, my babies are too small for holidays, we’ll take a couple of years off from vacations’. Her daughters are now young teens, and despite them reaching that ‘awkward’ age, apparently remain keen naturists. Now that they’re almost grown, and mine are of an age where they’re at school, and with the 20th anniversary of my nude debut approaching (June, 1995: Sylvia had been to a naturist beach prior to Agde) we decided we should have an anniversary of it.

Obviously, a return to Cap D’Agde was discussed. Sylvia was more keen than me, being someone who would quite readily wear a see-through ‘chain mail’ type of dress, as often worn by patrons of Agde as ‘evening wear’, as perfectly suitable. As for the stiletto heels favoured by many ladies…I prefer flats, or something with a much lower heel. High heels are something I’ve never quite come to grips with 🙂

While I’m someone who will readily bare all on a beach, I don’t really see that type of clothing as ‘me’. 🙂


The type of dress that can be Cap D’Agde ‘evening wear’

So, we decided on Spain for the 20th anniversary of ‘the debut’.

Sylvia has been to Vera Playa before, and stayed in the naturist Vera Playa Club Hotel, so she sort of knows the layout of the place and likes it although, like Pookes, she prefers Croatia as a naturist destination. The family generally drive from Amsterdam to Croatia each year.


Another way that we’re ‘chalk and cheese‘ is that, when depilation became popular, Sylvia embraced that, whereas I, as you know, favour a more natural look. 🙂 Yes, I did it once and I didn’t like it and never did it again. Sylvia, by contrast, has gone ‘bare down there’ for much of the intervening twenty years since our debut. (In 1995, shaving was much less common and we both sported a ‘natural’ look. In the intervening period, Sylvia has also tried various nipple, clit & belly piercings)

While we’ve been on the phone, dovetailing travel arrangements, she asked ‘the question’.

‘Are you still not shaving your pubes?’

Well, no!

‘You should! You should do this!’ Despite being half-English, she’s very much straightforward, straight-talking Dutch.

When I came off the phone I spoke to Mr. Keng. ‘Sylvia says I should go bare down there’.

‘Go for it’, he said, catching me off guard. ‘See what it’s like’.

‘But you prefer a natural look, as do I!’ I wailed.

‘True. But sometimes it’s about trying new things. You didn’t think you could ever be a naturist when you began, did you?’ He barely looked up from his magazine.

No, but….

‘I will if you will’, he laughed.

And so, SLN readers, I turn to you…

‘Below the fold’, as they say in some digital media circles now, you’ll find a poll which asks the question as to whether I should, or should not, ‘go bare down there’ when on holiday with Sylvia. It closes this time next week, and…well….let’s see what you think….





Skinny top : A naturist wardrobe posting

It rather looks as though I’m off and running with a ‘free group gifts’ theme today, and each of them fitting into our ‘naturist wardrobe’ theme. Yes, we naturists do like to dress up of an evening, and this free top from Vision/S&F would probably be something I’d wear on holiday for dinner, but maybe not so much so for a night out at the bowling alley with a bunch of girl friends 🙂

pookes braless2_001b


Yep, I’ve decided to go out without a bra. 🙂 In a naturist context, this isn’t ‘exhibitionism’. If you’ve been bare all day, the last thing you want is to be trussed up in the evening. There is nothing more depressing (other than the promise of rain in England) than to have to get fully dressed at the end of a naturist holiday. The trip to the resort from the airport you can tolerate in hot conditions because you have the promise of losing the clothes at the end of that trip. Coming back the other way is a different story. To dress, to have to put on underwear that you’ve enjoyed not seeing or using for two weeks, is intolerable. More than once I’ve been dressed while packing our suitcases and thought ‘this is uncomfortable’ and stripped off again just to get a final 15 minutes as nature intended 🙂 More than once I’ve driven to the airport in the flimsiest of sun dresses and essentially dressed in an airport car park, or in the lavatories of the terminal, such has been my grumpiness at the prospect of clothes.

L$0 group gift at Vision/S&F



Naturisme TV

Before I began using Spain as a naturist holiday base, in the pre-children days, Mr. Keng & I used to be (still are!) Francophiles, adoring the French culture, climate and

Over the years we’ve visited several naturist locations in France. My own naturist debut took place in Cap D’Agde, before it became, to my tastes, sordid. And we’ve been at La Jenny, Arnaoutchot and other French campsites.


As a result of this, I watch Naturisme TV, a website that promotes French naturist activities in the coming month. Taking the summer off, they’re back with their September edition of their production Natmag tomorrow, September 10th (don’t be surprised if it appears a couple of days late, though). The site continues throughout the winter months too, as there will be some indoor events taking place in the country, as well as reports on what the campsites are planning for their forthcoming summer seasons.

If you don’t know this site, I thoroughly recommend it. I also recommend their associated feature J’ai Teste Pour Vous (‘I tested for you’) in which reporter Nathalie would report each month from a specific French naturist location and try out the different activities, thermal pools, hydrotherapy features, restaurants and so on to give a flavour of them.


I won’t lie 🙂 Naturisme TV is a video version of what I try to achieve with SLN. Indeed, there are little ideas in SLN that owe their existence to Naturisme TV’s lead. So for that, I thank Frederick Charles, the man whose idea Naturisme TV is.

You’ll also find a French naturist forum site called Zerokini linked on Naturisme TV’s pages. We featured Zerokini some time back. It’s a Francophone site, but if you know and can follow French (I read it better than I speak it!) you can get the low-down on everything going on in the world of French naturism there too!

Nathalie had a baby earlier in the year, so presentation duties has fallen to new girl Karel.

Remember: this is a genuine naturist web page. Don’t go expecting to see a lot of full frontal nudes. In that respect Naturisme TV & SLN share a common set of values, to promote healthy, family orientated, positive naturism in our respective spheres.


edited to add (September 10th). Naturisme TV have a note on their page saying the next issue will be published on the 12th of September, this Friday. Keep an eye out for it, folks!

A naturist package holiday?

Today’s (UK) Independent newspaper has a report on a ‘mainstream’ naturist holiday. A package tour, if you will, and once past the tired old cliches in the headings (‘grin and bare it’, ‘Beach Bums’) I’m delighted to report that Tristan Rutherford, the author, paints a beautiful picture of an idyllic holiday in positive, glowing terms.



Naked package holidays? Does this mean that naturism is finally going ‘mainstream’, as the Independent puts it?

Well, it rather looks as if what was once ‘niche’ vacationing may have reached a point where travel companies do see it as a viable business venture. It always was. Naturism has long been a preserve of an older generation, freed of mortgage and child responsibilities, often shorn of the sexual (yes, sexual) hang ups of a younger generation. As people get older they get more comfortable with their bodies, no long fixated on how big their penis is, how perky their breasts are, how ironing-board flat their stomachs are.

Now, though, the idea that you can essentially fly to pre-determined locations, with all accommodation, and car-hire thrown in as well, for a little over £500 ($850, 625 Euros) for a week’s holiday, with a plethora of excellent food and drink available, means that it just could open up to people who’ve never considered the option before. I hope so. As I keep repeating, it all becomes ludicrously normal after…an hour or so.

Never considered it? Follow the links provided within my link.


Editorial update

I hope you’re all enjoying Daphne’s look on how to fill a suitcase, specifically for a naturist holiday -cool and sexy evening wear, mostly- but with clothes that will also suit ‘textiles’ (clothes wearing holiday makers). I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings us, and how we fill that suitcase, over the next few months. I’ve already spotted a couple of items that really would suit my own RL ‘naturist suitcase’, that chemise in particular. Yes, I know it’s not ‘naturist’, but for anyone who has ever been on a naturist holiday, the sense of ‘evening glam’ should certainly resonate because we -naturist ladies- do love a bit of glamorous dressing up in the evening. I’ve already laid aside a folder in my inventory specifically to store the said items I particularly like, and when I get out to Spain, for real, in June I’ll endeavour to wear them in some of the ‘postcards’ posts I’ll be offering, just to reflect my RL naturist holiday evenings and, if Daphne gets around to it, beach wear as well. As I’ve said, often, it’s not naturism 24-7 even on a naturist holiday. That chemise Daphne showed would be typical nightwear for me…or more accurately, typical early morning wear. Until the sun gets up and going, the mornings can have a bit of a chill to them, and so terrace breakfasts often require something to be put on.

In other news, I’m going to be holding my first ‘surgery’ on Monday night, at Eden, at our office, and immediate surroundings, and as promised I’m going to try to make it a ‘late night’ one, in the hope that more of our north American friends and readers can drop by. So that will commence at 11pm (UK time) on Monday evening, and go on until…I’m falling asleep, basically. Midnight, 1am, 2am…I’m not putting a time on it!

Let me draw your attention to the graphic (below) currently doing the rounds on several naturist tumblr sites, and brought to my attention by Harry.


What do you think? An accurate reflection? It’s hard to tell just how accurate the figures might be, it would depend on the size of the poll, and the age-range, and other factors.

My interpretation is (and always has been) that pubic topiary, or removal, has been driven by the porn industry, where shaving made for more graphic movies. And my interpretation is that women, and men too, have been led sheep-like to follow a fashion, follow a trend. This is strange from a naturist point of view, as to why so many of us have slavishly followed a fashion trend. Surely naturism is about being an individual, not being someone driven by the fashion (and certainly porn) industries.

Is pubic hair doomed? Will the wheel come full circle? I’d love to hear your opinions on the pubic hair issue. Maybe it’s something we can talk about at the surgery on Monday night.

See you then?