Pillow fight!

Depoz is a long-established store which does high quality furniture, with many of the lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture having a lot of static animations built in and they look fabulous.

karen bedroom2_001b

Does my bum look big in this? Karen tries out a bedroom mirror pose at Depoz

Hugh’s original intention with this shoot was to capture some of the animations and follow Karen’s morning routine, from bed, to shower, to dressing. That photo-shoot is on our Flickr page. However, along the way, Hugh and Karen discovered a L$0 free ‘pillow fighter’ box that they bought, tried out, thought was lovely (as I do too). Summoning another model, Jayne, they tried it out. It works without the need for Depoz furniture, you can essentially have a pillow fight anywhere, and the pillow you get has a feather emitter 🙂

karen bedroom3_001b

Feathers everywhere as Karen and Jayne have a pillow fight.

karen bedroom4_001b

Karen appears to be winning this pillow fight.

Hugh says that ‘as there’s such a flurry of movement as the pillows are used that it’s hard to capture the sense of movement the attachment provides. I’ve not done it justice and in the end had to resort to a couple of semi-static poses that captured the feathers cascading’. At L$0 it’s going to be something you can take a chance on anyway, isn’t it?

pillow fight

I’ve been over there, picked up a copy and I can say that it is a fun attachment, even though I was pillow fighting my shadow! 🙂 I’ve created the link above that should TP you directly to the free attachment and you can pick up your own copy. Take your significant other, get them to buy a copy and you can fight out who gets the larger share of the duvet! 🙂