A Polar Bare swim

Several naturist groups around the world will be holding ‘polar bare‘ events today, celebrating the beginning of a new year with a skinny dip -often brief, sea temperatures in the northern hemisphere won’t be great.

As I came online, I found Markus, who has modelled for SLN before, at the same sim. Although we weren’t in each other’s friends lists then, we are now, as we opted to head over to the Cheeky Tiramisu cafe and, well, do something cheeky! 😉polarbare2_001 polarbare1_001 polarbare8_001 polarbare10_001 polarbare11_001


Cheeky Tiramisu is look resplendent in its winter colours, so we decided to have our own little Polar Bare swim! (Grrrr!!!! You could have invited me along! Ella)

Granted, the water was icy cold, and we didn’t stay in long, or fully immersed either, and we were glad of a fire where we could warm up again and even try to massage a little heat into one another.

Hmmm…short and sweet, before we got dressed (yep, I do dress occasionally in SL) and headed back to the cafe itself for a couple of warming brandies.

Perhaps next year we can do something more organised at one of the naturist sims and hold a more general, ‘everyone invited’ Polar bare swim. Or are there any sim owners out there who’d like to organise a quick Polar Bare swim this winter, before the snow disappears?