Paganism, the solstice and going sky clad

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This painting of ‘Mabon’ is strictly speaking an autumnal Pagan ritual, but shows the importance of being ‘sky clad’ and with priapic overtones.

(Edited to add: Priapus, the Greek God of fertility, is often shown with a permanently erect penis. There’s little doubt he has his followers in some SL ‘naturist/nudist’ sims! :-0 : Ella )



I’ve begun with a selection of images depicting ‘sky clad‘, a euphemism in Paganism for ritual nudity. Today’s the Summer Solstice, and it’s a day laden with all manner of symbolism for Pagans. And Ella has already reported that she will be at the festival of St Juan on her forthcoming holiday, a festival that will have some close links, purloined by Christianity, from Paganism. The bonfires, the ritual cleansing (with fire, in water), the associations with fertility.

Clearly, nudity plays an important part of Paganism, so I thought it would be an interesting excursion to go out into SL and see if I could attempt some replication.

I have to say that the day and real life commitments meant I wasn’t able to plan the post and kit any of the models out in appropriate costumes (yes, I know they’re naked, but there would be head gear, cloaks, that sort of thing I could potentially have used).areola pool4_001b areola pool9_001bstonehenge sunrise_001b stonehenge sunrise3_001b


I’ve also added a couple of photos depicting Priapus, but Ella has deemed them unsuitable for the mainstream SLN page. Check out the Harry’s Pix page for these.