Even a western styled swimming costume is stupid for swimming. But I wouldn’t ask my local pool to change the rules to let me swim nude.

Ella’s post on intolerance, earlier this evening, made me immediately think about this story which I picked up via British media.

Essentially, a Muslim woman in Colorado went to the local swimming pool and was refused entry on the basis she was, to all extents and purposes, fully dressed.



There doesn’t appear to have been any indication it was even the burquini, as photographed above, but the outfit being worn in an interview on local television. There’s a pitifully tearful interview where she enquires why she has to be ‘half-naked’ (oh….please!!!!!!!!!) when swimming in a public pool.

I’m not overly impressed that it has become an issue at all. If I were to visit a mosque, I’d be expected to fully comply with their dress code, barefoot and head covered. When in Rome, do as the Romans. We should not be expecting our pools to be altering their dress codes for ‘religious reasons’ and also having some lawyer flimsily dress this up as a ‘human rights issue’. The woman, and the lawyer speaking on the newsreel, need to grow up a bit.

I found this set of rules for visiting a mosque online. I’m happy to comply with all of them, out of respect for people’s religious beliefs. I’m happy for this woman to comply with all of the pool’s dress code rules while living in America.

She says she has gone public to ‘open a dialogue’ on the matter of pool dress code. Well, you did, dear. And the dialogue is now closed. Our countries (the UK has also had similar pool related dress issues, and another issue here and here), our rules.

In the US, there has been a 74% rise in the number of mosques since 9/11, a figure that denotes we’re a country ready to embrace all the people, all the religions of the world. As a naturist, how would my demand to be permitted to swim nude play out with the pool authorities? Yep, you answered that one in one. They wouldn’t change their rules for me, or other naturists, and I wouldn’t expect them to do so. We will hire pools for private naturist swimming sessions if needs be. Equally, I don’t expect pool authorities to be changing rules to suit a religious minority. If Muslims wish to wear their own swimming attire amongst themselves, then hire a freaking pool to do so.