Superbowl Sunday

I’m disappointed there doesn’t appear to be more Superbowl related stuff in SL, other than a few parties at bars.

Here in the UK, a small body of enthusiasts apart, American football has never really captured the imagination, so north American readers may be surprised to hear that I had to look up the internet to find who was playing. Seattle and Denver, apparently.

Other than that I can tell you little else about it other than the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are playing, so maybe we’ll have a repeat of Janet Jackson’s ‘nipplegate’ incident.


Please don’t be offended, American friends. I am equally nonplussed by our sports. Watching a soccer game is tolerable, and I know a little about the teams who play it, simply by constant exposure, but much of it -Rugby Union (gridiron without armour plating), cricket, golf, the Olympics…leaves me cold.

Of course, it would be funny if there was a Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘sock malfunction’ tonight.



Anyway…apologies for not being able to bring you a SL styled inworld Superbowl post, but if you’re settling down to watch, have fun and enjoy it!