Do my tits bother you?

Ho hum. Another day, another 24 hours of press hypocrisy.

I’ve picked this story up from the Irish edition of the British paper The Daily Mirror. 



Presumably some sort of reaction to her Instagram account being suspended subjected to server error, Rihanna appeared at some sort of awards ceremony (do any of us even care about a bunch of people congratulating one another?). Clearly her music’s not really for my demographic, but I ain’t going to criticise her for it. Viewed from a distance, it appears she knocks out at least an album a year, which is, in today’s work-shy music world, a punishing, almost 1960s release schedule.

Note how the paper is quite happy to show her t*ts, but can’t even bring themselves to spell the word out in full, as if we’ll all be confused by that errant asterisk. Anyway, more power to her as, yet again, celebrities ‘normalise’ the female breast. I think how celebrity tattoos helped normalise the (hideous) things in the world -my opinion being that there isn’t a man or woman alive who looks better for having one- and if this trend continues there’s a distinct possibility that the diaphanous and see-through mat yet hit the High Street.

I’m rather intrigued by this sudden rash of skin-related stories/incidents. Why, it’s as if the summer and the traditional media ‘silly season’ gets earlier every year.