Mardi Gras, 2014

Sorry that I couldn’t, in the end, get a SL shoot related to Mardi Gras posted.

Next year, I promise, we’ll get a proper, full post -complete with SL festival costumes- posted. In the meantime, here’s some photos from this year’s Rio carnival (and you can see why it would certainly fall within SLN’s remit of what we cover on the blog)

2014-03-04_150646 rio85432 Snap211


I did take some SL styled carnival shots, but I was wholly unhappy with the locations and poses we used, which didn’t really reflect the RL versions of carnival. By contrast to the colours and vibrancy of RL shots, they all looked and felt ‘flat’, so I scrapped the shoot in the end. The photos looked ‘static’, whereas RL carnival is a riot of colour and movement and vibrancy. In the end I got talking to a fellow SL photographer engaged in the same process as I was, and we agreed that, in terms of successfully creating a feel of carnival, shooting a short movie, and getting some dance moves captured for SL-related blogs, would be the way forward.