The SL Royal Opera House, Museum Island

There’s a grand opening of Museum Island on Sunday, with a performance at SL’s Royal Opera, (Sunday, May 10th, at 2pm SLT, so suitable for the evening European audience, as well as the north American audience).

Fragments of Aida, performed by a dance troupe of 10, and it’s rated PG, suitable for all audiences. The opera house isn’t new to SL, but it’s certainly new to me.

I’m always keen to see the arts performed in SL, as it adds a different dimension to the SL game-play.

SL naturism has long been great supporters of the arts in various guises. Su Casa has a revolving outdoor art gallery, Eden Naturopolis has long supported poetry readings and concerts, for example.

Canary beck’s Basilique sim has also performed Milton’s Creation, with a bit of avatar nudity thrown in, something we blogged about last August.

In advance of the event, I hopped over there earlier to get a sense of what it was all about, and was astonished by the detail of the sim and how beautiful it all looks, and set in what we in Britain might refer to as a Georgian/Regency style. I’m not sure what the period 1711-1811 might be referred to in your country, particularly as there seems to be an Italian-Polish emphasis to the sim, but it’s how I can best describe it.

I only had a few minutes free for SL at that point, but I IM’ed Hugh and Diane to say it might make a marvellous backdrop for photography. Lo and behold, when I logged back in this evening, there’s a bunch of photos finished and waiting for my approval.

Not all are naturist, and I’m guessing that Hugh was a bit naughty in getting even a few nude shots in at the sim.

There’s no story to the following photos, other than it’s the usual ‘pretty girl in pretty surroundings’, so I’ve put the remainder of the photos Hugh gave me on our Flickr page, a place I think provides us with more scope for creative photography that may not necessarily be naturist.