Better together (2)

I’ve made no apologies for my non SL, non naturist ‘Better Together’ post in which I’m nailing my colours firmly to the mast of a ‘No’ (to Independence for Scotland) vote, and will vote accordingly later today. But this is SLN. We do Second Life, we do Second Life Naturism.

Being UK based, I’m working on a time zone wherein I’m speaking more to Britons & Europeans when I’m in world than I am to people in the Americas, Asia or the Antipodes. It’s just the way it works.eswni2_001b

So…Brits, Irish, French, Dutch, Scandinavians & Spaniards dominate my friends list. And, I’m pleased to say, people from right across the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. And it is my great pleasure and delight (you have no idea how difficult it was to organise this! It took days of planning to bring us all together in one place!) to present avatars from the four nations of the UK showing their support for the United Kingdom, for naturism and for Second Life itself.eswni3_001b

If there’s more of us together, life’s more fun. And that’s true of naturism as much as it is of the United Kingdom. I spoke last week of the ‘social’ element of the lifestyle, of getting together away from damned dumb-phones and engaging with other people, and how the conversations are longer, the laughs more prevalent, when a bunch of people engage in social naturism. Naturism, like the UK itself, is BETTER TOGETHER. Second Life, like naturism, like the UK, is BETTER TOGETHER.

If you don’t play Second Life, get involved! If you do play Second Life, make sure that before you log off you’ve added a new friend or socially engaged with another avatar (it’s a pleasure itself to engage with someone from another part of the planet and, however briefly, get a little window into their world). If you haven’t tried naturism, maybe now is the time to google up the name of a local swim night or club and at least make enquiries.

And if you’re a  non-naturist SL avatar, maybe now is the time to hop along to one of SL’s wonderful naturist sims, find an avatar (look…some of us SLN folk are often around) and enjoy the particularly social and non-sexual element of SL naturism.