To the beach! A naturist accessory posting

Well, what a strange week it has been on SLN! I’m glad to see the focus is getting back to what we do best, report on SL and its naturist possibilities, with my ‘naturist accessory’ postings from earlier in the week now being amongst the most read posts today. SO let’s add to that collection of ‘must have’ accessories with today’s find, a detailed beach bag (L$50) from Sheikh Bags.

pookes towel bag_001b

pookes towel bag2_001b


A towel bag, it’s available in a variety of towel colours. I chose black.

The bottom photo also shows how detailed it is, everything you need for the beach, naturist or textile. Look closely and you can see I’ve got all I need in that bag. A towel to lie on, a second one to dry myself if I’ve taken a swim, my flip flops -which I’ve already removed having reached the warm sand under my feet- my sunglasses and my iPhone, so I can listen to some music while relaxing under a hot sun. I love this bag! As I say, it would work well for naturists and textiles alike.

While at the store I found they had a free gift, a purse. Yes. Let’s not forget that it’s hard work working up an all over tan, and sometimes refreshments are required, so a trip to the beach bar for some iced coffees, or just a bottle of water, is definitely going to form part of the day.

pookes purse_001b



edited to add: I forgot to include their group gift (L$0, no group join fee) for those of you who take larger purses to the beach than I do 🙂

pooke sheik april gift_001b


Once again, totally suitable for textile use. I think I have a pink ensemble in my inventory messy wardrobe that would go perfectly with this