Isn’t it time YOU went nude?

Yeah, YOU!

The blogs begin to fill up with swimwear as summer approaches. And it struck me how ludicrous some swimwear, the real life variety, can be.

So I decided it’s time for one of those rare SLN posts….avatars with their clothes on! Why? To highlight the ridiculous nature of the RL stuff, as reflected in SL.

Look at the photographs…

ella howie bebe swimwear_001b ella howie bebe swimwear2_001b


Yep! That’s me, SLN publisher Howie and my friend Bebe (of whom more in my next post, later today) sporting skimpy swimwear. Hardly ‘hide’ anything at all, do they? Which begs the question…why bother?

I’m not getting at the SL designers, incidentally. Their creations merely mirror RL. But when you’ve already got this much skin on display, is there any real point to the things? I don’t think so.Might as well take it all off. Our bottoms are pretty much on full display, and in the real life variety they’d be uncomfortable, I think, around your bottom.

As for the front…as in the RL varieties, wouldn’t they be merely accentuating what they ‘hide’? Might as well dump them. In each case, it’s going to be around £40 (or more) saved in RL. So…rather than thinking about something as silly as these in RL, isn’t it time you hit the nude beach instead? (And we won’t even begin to question local laws that say naturism is prohibited while the RL variants of these make everything ‘decent’. It’s just such silly thinking as to merely be the work of local politicians).