Well done Australia!

Australians have set a new world record for the number of skinny dippers. 790 naked people made it into the water, so congratulations to all of them.

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Let’s pull some quotes out of the article where I read this:

‘In my 23 years of existence, I have never felt as accepted and as comfortable as I did today, standing naked with 790 people,’ said participant Sarah Jimmy


‘If I had been given this experience as a teenager, to see everyone as they are,

and to realise just how different and beautiful everyone is in the own way,it would have saved me from years of self doubt.

‘Everyone had a smile on their face.’

Not all will have been ‘naturists’. Indeed, it’s likely that self-confessed naturists will have been in the minority of the 790 dippers.

Which goes to show that in the right circumstances many people will happily shed their clothing to become ‘naturist’, if only for a brief time. So how are you going to change, world, to make the circumstances right for everyone, all of the time?


There’s no feeling more wonderful, more natural, to enjoy the sun on your skin and to swim without restrictive clothing. Everyone should have the opportunity to try it.


New World Skinny Dipping record set in New Zealand

A new world skinny dipping record has been set in New Zealand, beating Vera, Spain’s previous record, which was set at 729. New Zealand are claiming to have managed 745, so it looks as if the gauntlet has been thrown down for Vera to beat next summer, should they desire to try.

Charity skinny dip


Skinny dippers at the 2nd annual North-East skinny dip, autumn (fall), 2013.

You can see a video of New Zealand’s failed 2012 attempt here, and their successful attempt, on 30th December 2013, here. (Yes, I knew before now it was taking place, but these things take time to ascertain if a record has been achieved, and it may be some weeks before it becomes ‘official’).

And while we’re on the subject, here’s another video of a previous failed attempt in Wales in 2011. (I’d give them a special award for being the largest skinny dip to take place in stupidly cold water, personally!). And the Welsh attempt also had the worthy cause of supporting Marie Curie, a UK cancer charity.

You’ll also find a gallery of an attempt in Northumberland, England, last autumn (fall) here.

Also check out Pookes’ own singular, icy skinny dip, a Polar Bare swim, in our own blog posting here. Pookes throws out the idea that we should attempt to do something similar in SL during 2014. What a great idea! Any sim owners up for allowing us to organise something along these lines?

While I’m disappointed that Vera has lost its crown, due in no small part to the fact that some of my friends took part, I’m still delighted that the record has been broken, because it means more and more people are experiencing the delight of swimming without a costume and this, in turn, may lead them to experience naturism in a fuller sense. I hope so.

It seems to me that not everyone who takes part in these types of events can conceivably be ‘naturist’, so each one theoretically could lead to there being another convert. And I’m in full support of that!

Anyway, well done to all concerned in NZ!


(and yes…I know my ‘holiday’ from blogging doesn’t appear to be going too well 🙂 )