Earlier, when posting about Del May poses, and how thought the poses intended for one specific use could be re-imagined for another use, it got my mind to thinking about how much any of us, any of you, re-think what you see on the various SL blogspots as to how they might be applied to use that the creator never imagined.

You, like me, in SL & RL, probably do a fair bit of ‘mix & match’ with your wardrobe. I know that I think regularly about how the shoes from this outfit might go well with the dress from that outfit. We’ve all got a pair of dressy shoes in RL that we think will look terrific with a pair of skinny jeans, don’t we? And if we throw on an old sweat top but add a string of pearls…well…it’s a look, isn’t it?

With this in mind, I dug out the Eve avatar, grabbed the new free male hair gift at Amacci and tried it on. Would it work? I hopped over to Su Casa and grabbed a photo. Yes, indeed, it does work. It works very well, if in a kind of 1980s ‘new romantic‘ way, but it definitely works.

eve slnmodel su casa_001b


It was a quick re-log as Adam, back to Amacci to grab their new female hair gift, and back to Su Casa for a quick pose…

adam amacci su casa_001b


Hmm…not quite as successful, but in these days of top knots and men wearing alice bands, not completely inconceivable.

My point is that there’s a plethora of freebies out there for the opposite sex. While one or two items might not work (shirts are problematic due to the presence, or absence, of boobs) it seems to me there are poses, hairstyles, jeans and so on not intended for our avatar’s sex but which work quite well. I’ll be developing this as a bit of a theme over the next week or two to see if we can create a unique look, whether or not the avatar remains masculine or feminine, or indeed becomes more androgyne as a result. Whatever way it turns out, I’d encourage you to maybe not instantly dismiss items that aren’t, on the face of it, intended for your avatar’s gender. You never know what look might be achieved.