Here is an APB!

There are eight million stories in the SL Naked City 😉 and this is just one of them.

Word on the street is that Pookes is on the lam.

An archetypcal bad-girl-turned-bad tale, locked up while pleading her innocence for the heinous crime of robbing the Su Casa cafe, Pookes has broken out of the pen.jailbreak_001b
Word has it that all of SL’s police forces are looking for her after she stole the keys to a black and white and made her escape from SL’s notorious Waterville Prison.

police car2_001b


The last I heard was that Governor Linden has place Pookes on SL’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, and there’s a reward for her capture 😦



Just how bad might this story get before it gets better….if it gets better????