Our new photographer

Despite making good progress following illness, Harry told me a while back that he won’t be returning to SLN. ‘I can maybe manage ten minutes here and there on SL’, he wrote in an email, ‘but I’ve retired from my job on health grounds and am looking forward to a bit more in the way of fresh air and family time than I’ve had for a long time. The computer comes a long way down my list of priorities’.

There will always be an open contribution for Harry to contribute, but of course we respect that decision, and health matters always take top priority.

We wish Harry well in his retirement. I can’t thank him enough for his contributions to SLN almost from the start of the blog, and the work he provided which sometimes inspired me to provide words when I didn’t have the inspiration to post.

We’ve still got Diane operating as a staff photographer, but SLN is a team effort. By all adding little bits, we keep the blog ticking over. It couldn’t possibly be a single-handed effort, and the more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned, with all of us pitching ideas in left, right and centre.

My RL Spanish friend, Jose, was keen to assist on the photography end of things, but he has just begun a new job and his SL time is once again limited. As a result I’ve found another new photographer who, I think, will be able to provide us with a rich vein of material, and take the pressure off Diane to produce great SLN photos. As you’ve probably noticed, where the likes of Pookes and I have added our own, they’ve come across as little more than holiday snaps, as we don’t really see scenes with a photographer’s eye (as important in SL as it is in RL, I would suggest).

The thing about Hugh’s contributions are that he hasn’t come into this as a SL or RL naturist, so his photos have had less emphasis on the naturist lifestyle, more on capturing ‘mood’.

He has, however, been reading SLN 🙂 and begun checking out some of the landmarks and sims we’ve linked to, so some naturist photography is beginning to drift back towards my in-tray.

By way of introduction, then, I’m offering a selection of his photos, all of which were taken in and around the Blue Lagoon, part of the Eden Estate. ‘An exceptionally friendly bunch who made me feel most welcome’, he tells me.

blue lagoon lighthouse2_001b

blue lagoon lighthouse3_001b

blue lagoon palms_001b

blue lagoon lights_001-002

blue lagoon lighthouse_001b

stone seats blue lagoon_001b

‘I’ve just gone for ‘mood‘ at Blue Lagoon. Yes, I did take some photos of some gorgeous looking avatars, but I’d like their permission to use their image prior to posting those’.

BL bar_001c

BL lights_001bc

blue lagoon_001-004c


‘I think that the photo that you are publishing of the dancers is probably enough to ensure that their anonymity is maintained, at least until such time as I get their permission’.

Ella was speaking to Hugh




I was in world last night when I ran into another avatar who got into conversation and whom I subsequently told about SLN. He hadn’t heard about us before (do such people exist???? 😉 ) and while we were conversing dipped out to view the blog.

‘How come you don’t have a blogger warning for your blog?’, he asked. I knew what he meant. Many sites, some properly ‘adult’, some naturist, some SL bloggers and, I presume, some of a news nature, have a warning site prior to be being able to access that site. Some SL bloggers will contain such a ‘warning’ on their sites because it features boobs, covered with pasties. What????

How can you seriously blog skins, for example, without showing what nipples look like, are coloured, are shaped? Seriously, I couldn’t contemplate buying a skin through a site which is representing something common to all of us, a nipple, illustrated via two strips of electrical tape in an ‘x’ shape. I don’t know what I’m buying! Is it truly representative of the real me? Is it going to accurately represent the real me? Forget it! Note that this generally is a rule only applied to the female nipple, never a male one. Odd, given that the remainder of the breast area, an enlarged area of sub-cutaneous fat, is the real difference between the sexes, not the nipple itself, and is generally represented as being considered to be acceptable as visible.

This sorry state of affairs has gone on for generations. In photos of the female breast, from the 50s until now, it’s the nipple itself which is ‘censored’, the remainder of the breast visible. Yet nipples are common to every human being on earth.

Weird? Don’t start me!

How ridiculous are the following photos?

2014-11-23-16-44-00 conan-censoredlossano_mammariesvmanboobs

My answer was that, to me, the sight of real, much less pixellated boobs and genitals don’t really count as being ‘adult’ in theme. 50% of the world has a penis and testicles. 50% of the world has breasts and a vagina. It’s natural. It’s how we are. I don’t think such basic realities about life,about our bodies, need or deserve ‘warning’ notices. A photo of a gun, aimed at another life (human or other animal) needs a ‘warning’ sign. A blog on which someone champions gun ownership needs a ‘warning’ notice.

Unless and until wordpress enforce a ‘warning’ notice on SLN, we won’t be adding a warning sign on SLN quite simply because we acknowledge the presence of female breasts (in real or pixelated form) to be wholly natural. And we regard the depiction of human (or pixelated) male and female genitalia in the same way. They do not require a ‘warning’. They represent who we already are.

So, no, there won’t be a warning notice on the blog (and wordpress have never asked for one, give them their dues) now or ever. Indeed, were wordpress to insist on one, I imagine we’d abandon the blog and move to our own website where basic humanity may be accurately represented.



Pornification of the penis

Earlier in the week I spoke about how the removal of (mainly) female pubic hair represented something of a pornification of the female parts, the porn-industry instigating it (in more recent times) for ‘more detail’.

But it isn’t just the female of the species who have had their parts ‘pornified’ in recent decades.

Look at many vintage naturist photos of males and you will quickly see that their penises often appear to be somewhat ‘smaller’ than in more up to date photos.







But let’s hold on here a moment. These aren’t ‘smaller’ penises. They’re real, averagely sized penises. Captured in their real, averagely sized flaccid states.

Many photos of nude males, today, are much more focused on a larger sized penis, thus skewing the perception of what is real, what is average. There’s also a need for penises to now also be photographed erect, with a need to work in an ‘oh my god!’ factor. A separate issue for another day perhaps.

Picture, if you will (I’m not about to add examples in SLN!) a photo series of a woman performing oral sex on a man. Often, the impression created is that she can barely get her hand around it, and there are likely to be stretch marks around her mouth! That’s not to say there are some men out there, not involved in the porn industry, who are ‘ample’ in their penile proportions, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

I know men fret a lot about penis size. Not only in terms of how being huge is what the ladies want (trust me guys, it isn’t) but also as to how they measure up in the changing rooms after sports. They don’t want to have a ‘small’ penis when in the showers, do they?

This fixation on size carries on into Second Life, too. Females appear fixated on having huge boobs (there’s a mini-industry going on there in relation to mega-boobs), males on having huge penises, ridiculously unrealistically proportioned. Now, unless some SL avatars are doing ‘irony’ in a big way, it means that there’s a lot of male avatars out there who aren’t grasping proportion. Or else they imagine that female avatars are going to be looking at and being impressed by size.

On the contrary. While hardly ‘scientific’ the female staffers at SLN would, to a girl, merely laugh at these outsized appendages and dismiss the owner as some sort of clown, unlikely to be featured in SLN, and unlikely to be friended because of their clear fixations on what is or isn’t important to the rest of us.

I’m not going to zoom around the sims in order to name and shame examples of these ludicrously proportioned idiots. So let me roll out my ‘Adam’ alt for a moment to show what I mean.

‘Adam’ wears a Lotus Silver edition cock, and in the photos below I’ve chosen for him to wear the ‘modest’ size, which is more or less ‘average’ in my eyes.

adam modest_001b



And now the ‘proud’ size in the same Lotus Silver cock.

adam proud_001b

All quite normal. Yes?

Lotus have a clear sense of ‘keeping it real’. Other cock manufacturers allow greater flexibility with size, so for this I’ve had to ask one of my friends to model accordingly.

model penis small_001b

model penis quite silly_001b

model penis silly_001b

To me, the top photo one where the model is ‘small’, it looks real, properly proportioned. The middle photo, perhaps of a size that isn’t altogether out of the question in real life, would be one modelled by many SL males, and not commonly realistic. The bottom one…well…again, many SL avatars would sport this monstrosity as if it is normal. (Note: I once had a conversation with a guy at a nudist sim who, unsolicited, began to tell me about his ‘bit below average’ penis, ‘nine inches or so’ :-O I tp’ed away and muted that one very quickly, I can tell you!)

I’ve just been down for coffee at a beach bar here in Spain, a glorious naturist beach laid out in front of me. Now, I’m seasoned enough at this that I no longer consciously see naked people, just people. And I’m not staring at their genitals, boobs, excess weight or anything else to particularly notice how proportioned the male of the species is. But with this post in mind, I made a conscious effort to ‘measure they guys up’ 🙂 And it merely confirmed what I already know, the ‘modest’ penis, the ‘small’ penis is actually the average penis. There are very few guys out there with anything particularly huge.

So, fellas, bear this in mind in SL when proportioning yourselves, because RL is also reflected, in many ways, in SL. At a nudist SL sim, you don’t really notice an avatar’s cock (or boobs) unless they’re of silly proportions. Ditto real life. Naked people fail to look naked after a while. They’re average, all average. And you, and I, are too. And this is a good way to think. It means we’ve got no ‘textile’ styled body conscious hang-ups about our beings any more. We’ve arrived at a point where we acknowledge and accept our (media defined) ‘imperfections’ and can readily and easily accept our nude selves as we are.

If you are thinking about becoming a real life naturist, fellas, please put all thoughts of ‘but I’m not very well hung’ out of your mind. No one is looking, no one is laughing. Penises do come in all sorts of sizes, but be satisfied that yours, regardless of how you measure it, is going to be average out there.

Naturist women aren’t lining up to judge, point, stare or even notice.

Don’t be getting hung up on size. And that advice works just as well for SL avatars as it does for real life.


Naturism gives people a greater sense of body acceptance and body confidence. I’ve seen amply proportioned men and women who couldn’t care less. The tyranny of the media’s ‘body beautiful’ fixation (and almost fascism) is lost on them. They are comfortable in their own skins. And that is a truly beautiful thing.





Turtle Coast/Wild Coast

I was surprised….shocked…to spend part of my hiatus looking over the back pages of SLN to discover we’ve never really looked at Turtle Coast as a naturist destination.

I know we’ve had my policy of ‘genuine naturism’ in place, but quite why Wild Coast & Turtle Beach have never made the cut I’m not quite sure. Wild Coast was one of the first naturist locations I ever visited, it was crowded and it was non-sexual (in the main…I’m sure many avatars used it as a place to meet others before slipping off elsewhere…) with only a few cuddle pose balls around. In time it was largely supplanted by Turtle Beach, now the much more active sim of the two (both run by Kaiya Mumba) and Turtle is marginally more ‘in your face’ in terms of the availability of sex poses, but not so much that it should have been an issue for SLN’s policy. I can only suggest that it’s likely it’s been one of those locations (and we did include it in our list of slurls to naturist locations) that I was thinking ‘oh, everyone knows it’ and it has somehow become lost in terms of our reporting. I can only apologise for that.

Turtle is nearly always packed. I’ve logged in at 400am, not so much recently, but a while back when I’d have babies awake in the middle of the night, and you could still find activity going on there.

To right that wrong, I’ve asked Diane to go over there for photographs, utilising different models so that we can bring you a definitive report on Turtle (and Wild Coast), and I’m hoping she’ll come back later this week with a photo-essay we can give you on these long-standing and active SL naturist locations.turtle6_001b





A sign at the entrance makes it blatantly clear that Wild Coast/Turtle Coast’s rules fit easily within SLN’s policy of ‘genuine naturism’




Photos from Turtle’s revolving message board at the entrance capture a flavour of the sim.

In the meantime you can find a slurl to Turtle & Wild Coast on our links page.


Our first three guides to SL Naturist locations are available on Issuu

diane lupes

We’re done! 🙂 All three guides to some of SL’s best naturist locations are now available on Issuu, and if I’ve done it right, are downloadable. That’s right! You can now print off some SLN material! I’m almost certain that, with future issues of the mag (the next being SLN 12) we’ll probably take the dual route, online and downloadable and printable.

You can find Su Casa here

You can find Eden Naturopolis here.

And you can find Lupe’s Magical Forest here.

I learned that it was an enjoyable experience but, as with all things SLN related, I could have done them all better. It’s a learning curve. 🙂

The layouts could have been better, but as I say, we’ll get it right next time!

Anyway, let me know what you think…all advice and criticism gratefully received. For now, it’s back to the SL ‘day job’, editing some more SLN posts for the weekend.

See you soon,



(NOTE: If the links don’t work properly, roll the ‘http’ off the front. I’ve had a little bit of trouble making the links work properly with wordpress. Let me know if there’s any issues).


SLN 11: Editorial

I used to think ‘stress’ was a lazy-person’s get-out clause until this week. I’ve been feeling properly ill for some time now, and didn’t know what was causing it. Something the children brought home from play-school? Allergy to our new cat? (I promise I won’t turn into a cat-photo blogger!). tumblr_static_kittens-in-underpants-big

Some pussies hanging out of underwear…

Whoops, sorry! I don’t know what came over me there….but there we are…some people come to SLN for photos of pussies, so I thought I’d stick that one in… Anyway, I finally saw the doctor on Monday and it turns out I’m suffering from work-related stress. I’ll be off work for three weeks, minimum. I’ve to take lots of exercise, which won’t be hard, I love cycling and walking and swimming, and report back in three weeks to see if my stress-levels have diminished. I don’t feel great right now, all sorts of tight chest (I did think it was heart issues for a while), tight arms and anxiety. Having talked it over with Mr. Keng, we’ve more or less decided that I shall try to get the stress levels down over the next couple of weeks and then most likely quit the job I’m doing, and have only moved to in recent months. There’s a possibility this may well end up with more blogging, if there’s anything to blog about, and even if not, much more time in world (hooray!) without having my editor’s hat on. Let us see how things develop.


Away from real life, I think we’re going to constitute a little of a policy change with SLN, in that we shall, up to a point, feature more RL naturist photos where they’re relevant, and where I think we can justify them in terms of being SL associated. Previously I’ve shied away from these, unless they’ve been ‘vintage’ in the main, or certainly of a nature where the model is anonymous. Certainly nothing voyeuristic. While voyeur styled photos may be all over the net, and thus posting them here does little to further embarrass unwitting models, I’ve always said no to them on principle. But I’ve decided to change that policy largely at Barbara’s behest, because she’s seen some photos of RL naturists she’d like to use in an upcoming post, and makes the argument that the subjects are all looking directly at camera, so they’re ‘real life’ but certainly not of a voyeuristic nature.

The following is one of the photos she’ll be using on her post, but I’ve decided to pop it in here to give you a sense of what’s ‘acceptable’.

!bch-m5  (3)

Yep! Mature ladies happy to indulge in RL naturism, pose for the camera, yet still not necessarily ‘reveal’ anything. I think we can live with that.


Finally, May’s calendar will be delayed until the weekend. I need to retrieve the photos from the back up drive from my old computer. Sorry for the delay on that front.


SLN11 : Finger on, or just behind the pulse?

Just as we were putting the magazine to bed, and I’d got the from cover sorted, with the various banners of what’s ‘inside’, Barbara sent me some covers from recent copies of British naturist magazine Health & Efficiency.

Judging by their banner headlines (and I’d not seen the mag or its covers recently) it appears that SLN (covering stories of mastectomies, Vera Playa and so on) is mirroring H&E’s coverage of naturist and related stories!

1383608_10152024764064399_1187287186_n 1491711_10152079139139399_232249604_n 1939620_10152238904959399_1111933979_n



The ‘To the Lighthouse’ Trilogy (Part 3)

lighthouse10 lighthouse11 lighthouse12 lighthouse13 lighthouse14 lighthouse15

(Credits: First three photos, Brenda Hoisin and Ella at the new SLN office presence at Eden Naturopolis, 4th photo of Ella on top of the lighthouse, taking in the view, and the last two of Ella and Pookes at the SLN office. All photos by Ella Keng)

Finally, in this ‘trilogy’ of sorts, I’ve added some photos of Brenda and myself at SLN’s new Eden Naturopolis office presence. And, oh yeah, the conversation struck up in the first place because Brenda had let me know that a photo I’d credited as her and Elbag wasn’t them! As a result of that, I’m happy to put the record straight by adding a photo, given to me by Brenda, of her and Elbag. Apologies for any confusion caused, to readers and Brenda & Elbag alike!

I couldn’t be more pleased to have a presence at Eden, and with a bit of inworld presence at naturist sims, it should hopefully mean I can meet more SLN readers and more SL naturists as well. Remember…I want to know what makes you tick. What do you like about naturism? What got you into naturism? What do you want to see, both from SLN and the naturist sims we all use in the future? And even if you don’t catch me online, it’s the easiest thing to drop me, Ella Keng, an IM, or stick a reply onto one of the posts and I’ll get back to you pronto-ish. Alternatively, IM Pookes (second life avatar name Eva Pookes) instead. I think, between us, we’re probably on SL, at least part of the day, most days.

Well….back to the grindstone (it’s not that hard, really!) as I’ve got another evening and day off to enjoy, and I want to maximise it by covering as much SL naturist related news as I can before another hectic period of RL stuff. I’ll either catch you in world, or on some of the subsequent SLN posts.


nb: first slurl hyperlink leads to the lighthouse, and the SLN office. Next two slurls are to the central rotunda at Eden.