The Naturist Vacation suitcase (6)

Over at the PB store you can pick up L$1 dollarbie goodies, each for men and women.

In the men’s bag you’ll find the T shirt worn…others!…I’m still not brave enough to get certain bits out, lol! Given the sentiment, and the comments it might attract, I’m not even sure I’d want to wear this one out, even with bikini bottoms or jeans in place!

In the end, I chickened out, I admit it, and asked Harry (in his ‘Spencer Cloakk’ alt -the only person I know who was online at the time) and one of his models to pop them on and model for us.

spencer good babies3_001b



After what seems like an eternity, I’ve been able to reclaim my alt, Spencer Cloakk, a thinly disguised alter-ego and homage to Spencer Tunick.

spencer & harry

My thanks to the lovely people at Linden Labs for allowing me to reclaim him (my account was blocked because I’d spelt my email address wrongly, in the first instance). But all is now well and good, and thus ‘Spencer’ (i.e. me) will utilise him on a semi-regular basis to re-enact, as best I can, some Tunick-like ‘installations’ in SL.

You won’t see these for at least a couple of weeks…organising an online presence of several willing models at once demands patience and planning..but expect something more of the same vein as we posted in December (below) soon.



Spencer Cloakk

spencer & harry


When Spencer met Harry

Meet ‘my friend’ Spencer. 🙂

Look closely at the photo and you’ll see I didn’t actually ‘meet’ him, it’s a composite of two photos. And I can’t meet him because….I’m Spencer! And Harry!

Yep, after five years in SL I’ve added an ‘alt’.

Inspired by Ella’s ‘Spencer Tunick’ post yesterday I thought ‘what a great idea!’ (it’s why she’s editor, you know?) and then thought ‘there’s no time like the present’. So…I dreamed up ‘Spencer’. His surname is, quite obviously, a play on Tunick’s own surname, an outerwear garment with a ‘k’ added to the end.

So instead of ‘Tunick’, we have ‘Cloakk’.

And Cloakk has already been undertaking Tunick-styled shoots this morning. (We don’t let the grass grow under our feet here at SLN).

Everything else Ella said yesterday still applies, though. We’d like you to get thinking about ‘Spencer Cloakk’ type shoots, contribute your own, design your own, submit your own.

And while I don’t generally name the photostudios I use, I thought I should make an exception in this instance, as it does contain backdrops where you can pose five avatars in a similar position. I only had three willing friends online at the time I did the shoot, so there’s room for expansion.

You’ll find the free photo studios at Nataly Kara’s Lagoon. Please, please DO try and become involved in what will be an ongoing SLN project throughout 2014.

cloak1 cloak2 cloak3 cloak4 cloak6 cloak7