A naked walk



Wherever I’ve gone in the naturist world, the scene above is omnipresent. People will set up camp for the day on their designated spot, and sunbathe, swim and…take a stroll!

Spain, France, Croatia, Studland Beach in England, the Baltic Coast in Germany, wherever there’s a naturist beach, people will exercise their right to exercise at some point on the day and go for a walk, alone or with their partner or friend.

It’s just something we do. It’s not about exhibitionism, either, parading yourself for all to see. You’re on a nude beach. Everyone can see you already. No, this is something more about feeling vitalised, alive, by the naturist experience. The phrase I often use is that I feel ‘plugged in’, able to experience life as it should be experienced.

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If some sim builder were to create a stretch of shoreline with one of those ‘walk hand in hand as a couple’ poses that are around the SL grid, they’d be some way along the path to re-creating a very familiar RL naturist scene in SL naturism.

Pookes is already back at work, I assume, and I return tomorrow, so the posts will thin out a little bit after a ’48 hour binge’ that lasted longer than 48 hours. Thanks to Pookes for helping me clear some of the backlog of stuff, although I see that we’ve both been thrashing away on keyboards with the result that the backlog of stuff we’d like to blog hasn’t got any slimmer 🙂 This is a good thing. We aren’t remotely running out of things to write about.

I’ll be back, blogging, on Thursday afternoon.