Earlier, when posting about Del May poses, and how thought the poses intended for one specific use could be re-imagined for another use, it got my mind to thinking about how much any of us, any of you, re-think what you see on the various SL blogspots as to how they might be applied to use that the creator never imagined.

You, like me, in SL & RL, probably do a fair bit of ‘mix & match’ with your wardrobe. I know that I think regularly about how the shoes from this outfit might go well with the dress from that outfit. We’ve all got a pair of dressy shoes in RL that we think will look terrific with a pair of skinny jeans, don’t we? And if we throw on an old sweat top but add a string of pearls…well…it’s a look, isn’t it?

With this in mind, I dug out the Eve avatar, grabbed the new free male hair gift at Amacci and tried it on. Would it work? I hopped over to Su Casa and grabbed a photo. Yes, indeed, it does work. It works very well, if in a kind of 1980s ‘new romantic‘ way, but it definitely works.

eve slnmodel su casa_001b


It was a quick re-log as Adam, back to Amacci to grab their new female hair gift, and back to Su Casa for a quick pose…

adam amacci su casa_001b


Hmm…not quite as successful, but in these days of top knots and men wearing alice bands, not completely inconceivable.

My point is that there’s a plethora of freebies out there for the opposite sex. While one or two items might not work (shirts are problematic due to the presence, or absence, of boobs) it seems to me there are poses, hairstyles, jeans and so on not intended for our avatar’s sex but which work quite well. I’ll be developing this as a bit of a theme over the next week or two to see if we can create a unique look, whether or not the avatar remains masculine or feminine, or indeed becomes more androgyne as a result. Whatever way it turns out, I’d encourage you to maybe not instantly dismiss items that aren’t, on the face of it, intended for your avatar’s gender. You never know what look might be achieved.


The SL Royal Opera House, Museum Island

There’s a grand opening of Museum Island on Sunday, with a performance at SL’s Royal Opera, (Sunday, May 10th, at 2pm SLT, so suitable for the evening European audience, as well as the north American audience).

Fragments of Aida, performed by a dance troupe of 10, and it’s rated PG, suitable for all audiences. The opera house isn’t new to SL, but it’s certainly new to me.

I’m always keen to see the arts performed in SL, as it adds a different dimension to the SL game-play.

SL naturism has long been great supporters of the arts in various guises. Su Casa has a revolving outdoor art gallery, Eden Naturopolis has long supported poetry readings and concerts, for example.

Canary beck’s Basilique sim has also performed Milton’s Creation, with a bit of avatar nudity thrown in, something we blogged about last August.

In advance of the event, I hopped over there earlier to get a sense of what it was all about, and was astonished by the detail of the sim and how beautiful it all looks, and set in what we in Britain might refer to as a Georgian/Regency style. I’m not sure what the period 1711-1811 might be referred to in your country, particularly as there seems to be an Italian-Polish emphasis to the sim, but it’s how I can best describe it.

I only had a few minutes free for SL at that point, but I IM’ed Hugh and Diane to say it might make a marvellous backdrop for photography. Lo and behold, when I logged back in this evening, there’s a bunch of photos finished and waiting for my approval.

Not all are naturist, and I’m guessing that Hugh was a bit naughty in getting even a few nude shots in at the sim.

There’s no story to the following photos, other than it’s the usual ‘pretty girl in pretty surroundings’, so I’ve put the remainder of the photos Hugh gave me on our Flickr page, a place I think provides us with more scope for creative photography that may not necessarily be naturist.








Su Casa makeover

Have any of you been over at Su Casa lately? No? Go! Now!

Su Casa has recently undergone a little bit of a makeover. Happily, it is tastefully done, so that the place still feels like Su Casa, but has been freshened up. This is something that sim owners will do from time to time to keep things fresh, but sometimes the temptation is to be too radical so that what has felt comfortable, what has felt like ‘home’ suddenly loses all familiarity.

I’m delighted to say that Gray hasn’t done this. It’s still recognisably the Su Casa we use and enjoy.

One of the things I liked about it is that, like many naturist places in SL, it’s a great promoter of Art. It felt like this patronage has actually been increased with the makeover.

The piece de resistance is, however, the fireworks display. Absolutely adorable!







And…how lovely! A personalised message towards the end of the display, which I thought was a marvellous touch.

I confess I didn’t follow advice -set the light settings to midnight- and my photographs are never that great anyway. What I’ll try and do is to get people who have got a photographer’s eye, Diane or Hugh, to head over there soon, set the light according to instruction, and try and capture the display in its full glory.

A wander around will reveal other little changes but hey, why should I do all the legwork and simultaneously spoil the surprises! Yes, make Su Casa the next thing on your SL ‘to do’ listings.




The Festival of Holi

I’m indebted to my SL friend Gray Muircastle, of Su Casa, for giving me the heads up on an event that may interest some of you SL naturists.

The Hindu festival of Holi is a festival of spring, love and colors. It can typically begin with a bonfire, singing and dancing.  Then follows a free-for-all of colors where people play, chase, and douse each other with powder paint or colored water. Groups roam the streets playing musical instruments and all enjoy the food and drink, which is often laced with Bhang, made from cannabis.



I’ve been to one of these Holi festivals in RL, and it was amazing fun!

Well…now’s your chance to participate in one in SL…paint will be provided, apparently, and it’s on tomorrow, Saturday 14th March, between 13:00 & 15:00 SLT (that’s 8pm-10pm in the UK, 9pm-11pm in central Europe). DJs are Sunshine, Michael Strange (who I know from Commune Utopia) and Full Macchi.

I’m looking forward to some bhangra styled sounds, I hope. I’ll be there, unless RL gives me a bad steer in the meantime.

The location for this Holi event is marked as being at Ashraya Support of Virginia Lupindo with the words ‘Naturist Home’ added, which means, I think, I hope, there will be some sort of naturism allowed.

That said, I can’t be definitive about this right now. India is conservative in its approach towards nudity, unless the nudity involves the (always naked) Jain priests, so I would advise that you at least tp in wearing something until you are sure of the dress code.

It’s not altogether clear, despite the ‘naturist home’ title, if it is a naturist event, or if it might be attended by some Indian avatars who could take offence to your or my nudity, so please tp in clothed to begin with.

I would be thrilled and excited if it was a naturist event attended by Indian avatars, because it would give each of us the opportunity to socialise and understand one another better and (from my perspective) gauge attitudes to nudity from Indians (I’ve still not finished the troublesome page of SLN12, remember, on Indian attitudes to nudity, the only article not finished and holding back publication of SLN12).

I hope to see you all there, dressed or naked.





edited to add (courtesy of Commune Utopia Group notices): there’s a youtube video advertising the event here. Donations will go to helping in RL.

Su Casa : The Movie, and naked karting.

It’s two years old, but I only discovered this movie earlier this week. You can download it in SD or HD formats and watch via Quick Time. Yep, it’s Su Casa : The Movie.

Which set me off in the direction of Su Casa. You’ll all know we have an office presence there, so I thought that I’d head on over to Su Casa to bring you an up to date report on what’s happening there.

While there I met up with Gray Muircastle, who owns Su Casa, and is an old friend of SLN. He brought me up to date on recent changes to Su Casa, which includes an undersea area, a mer-area, and the games section of the main sim have now moved to a skybox, which has freed up space around the main tp point.

Up in those skyboxes is a karting track, built by Su Casa officer Jenny Sidderley, and what a great job she’s done, leaving it nicely uncluttered so best to focus on the track. Naked karting? Gray and I were agreed neither of us had come across such a thing in RL naturism, although the photos below certainly suggest it has been done in RL before now.

tumblr_mk0aikxCgW1rmcr76o1_500 4059904

judy su casa_001b

A quicker way to get around. Hire (Rezz) a bike and pedal around Su Casa. Watch out for the soft sand near the beaches!

karting3_001b karting4_001b su casa kart1_001b su casa kart2_001b
n even quicker way to get around! Try some naked karting at Su Casa’s sky platform.

 Another new addition, the Mer undersea build, I’m going to leave for a separate post.



Another SL surgery

ella sign surgery_001b


Pookes held a very successful ‘surgery’ at Su Casa earlier this year, gauging people’s views on SLN and what they liked, what they didn’t and so on. As things stand at the moment, i.e. real life permitting, and it’s looking good this week, I plan to be in world, at the SLN office (or thereabouts) tomorrow night, Wednesday, to maybe meet up with some of you and get your opinions on the blog, what you like, what you think we could do better. I was going to make it tonight, Tuesday, but it’s bit short notice, so tomorrow night it is.

Note that the times are GMT, not SL time. I will be in SL tonight too, and may drop on by the office while I do one or two ‘housekeeping’ things on the side.


Swimming in the Med, December 1st

I really ought to give up work and write a SL blog for a living! Being inworld for much of today, so far, has been so much fun, with lots to see and do.

I’ve been spending time zipping about the different naturist sims, catching up on them in a more comprehensive manner than I might usually get to do.

First stop (when daylight arrived, I’d already been there at the edge of RL & SL dawn) was Su Casa, where a human cannonball has been installed.

ella su casa cannon_001b


The view from inside


ella su casa cannon2_001b
aiting for the fuse to light

Unfortunately the instruction said ‘press page up or E’ to ignite it. I’m operating on a Mac, and neither seemed to fire me into the air. Still, it’s one of those ‘a lot of fun’ items that I’ll need to go back and try again in a day or two. I’ll report back with photos if and when I can get shot into the air.

After that, my RL Spanish friend Mercedes popped up online (this is why I need to stop working; I could maintain a better social life) and reported that she’d just come back from a naked swim in the Med on the 1st December. Not too many people in, she reported, but it was a calm if chilly sea. I felt a little pang of jealousy, so I did the next best thing and hopped over to 7 Hills where she posed for me ‘knee deep, just like my real life swim earlier’, she laughed.

mercedes 7 hills 3_001b

 After some lunch, I then got around to what I’ve been meaning to do for some time: re-vamp the look of the blog. I’ve also added a new header bar -another design by my friend Brenda Hoisin, owner of the Eden Naturopolis sims. Brenda was kind enough to do several for me some months back, but until now the format of the blog allowed me to only use one, while the new layout will permit me to use the remainder that she did for me on a revolving basis to keep a fresh feel to the blog.

OK…I’ve got some RL children to attend to, so forgive me slipping away from SL for a little while. I do plan to return later this evening.


Naked News: Dance at Su Casa, June 14th

Photo edited with


‘Hi! Hanna Ferryhill here at the SLN Media Centre where the top story tonight is that Su Casa Naturist will be holding a dance next Saturday, June 14th, between 8-10 AM, SLT’.

‘An unnamed source has told SLN Naked News that the DJ will be Scarlett Qi and we have one of our reporters over at the scene now. Can you hear me, Howie Lamilton?’

Photo edited with


‘Thanks, Hanna. Yes, I’m here at Su Casa where a low level of activity can be reported in advance of next Saturday’s dance right here on Su Casa beach. As you’ve already reported, we’ve got confirmation that it will be between 8-10 AM, SLT. That’s 4pm to 6pm, British Summer time, or 5pm to 7pm, Central European time, so clearly the dance hopes to attract a pretty sizeable European audience. As you’ve also said the confirmed DJ is Scarlett Qi, something of a legend on the decks of SL, and the place is certain to be rocking when she takes to the stage next Saturday. And with that, I’ll hand you back to the studio. Hanna?”

Photo edited with


Photo: © Stephanie Stringer


‘Thanks Howie. The Su Casa dance is a regular event, and often recorded on Flickr. In another coup for Su Casa, celebrated SL photographer Stephanie Stringer will be recording the event for posterity and adding photos from the gathering to her flickr page. When contacted, Su Casa manager Gray Muircastle confirmed that the theme for the dance next Saturday would be one of ‘superheroes’, following on from their last successful 50s themed dance.’

su casa dance 2

Su Casa dance, courtesy of Stephanie Stringer. © Stephanie Stringer

su casa dance 3

Su Casa dance, courtesy of Stephanie Stringer. © Stephanie Stringer

sucasa dance 1

Su Casa dance, courtesy of Stephanie Stringer. © Stephanie Stringer

Photo edited with

‘And that’s it from us for now…more news, on the hour. I’m Hanna Ferryhill reporting for SL Naturist News’.

CREDITS: Original reporting: Eva Pookes, who was speaking to Gray Muircastle.

                    Photography: Stephanie Stringer and Harry Leistone. All photographs above credited to Stephanie Stringer remain the copyrighted property of Stephanie Stringer.

                    Post concept devised by: Harry Leistone and Eva Pookes.

                    Flickr screen caps by Harry Leistone.

                    Models: Hanna Ferryhill & Howie Lamilton (thanks to both for being such good sports about the concept!)

                    Su Casa Naturist can be located by following the links above. Stephanie Stringer’s flickr feed can be found following the link above.


For the attention of email recipients of SLN notifications.

su casa ice cream_001


My apologies! Due to a wordpress default, the letters ‘http’ were initially put in front of the ‘SU CASA’ edition of the guides I’ve just published on Issuu. As a result, opening the Issuu link via email won’t work. I’ve fixed it so that the default isn’t there, so it will work through the blog site.

The other guides, Eden and Lupes, will work through the email link, because I caught on to the problem after I’d published the Su Casa one.

The correct link for Su Casa, for email users, should be here.