Naturism in Second Life: SL Naturist Users’ Guides

I’m thrilled to find that the brief, experimental edition of SLN we published on Issuu has been exceptionally well received. So much so that we’re deviating (again!) from normal postings over the next week to publish a few more, this time with a theme.

What I’ve done is sent our writers and photographers out into the field to essentially give me an A-Z of the best naturist locations in SL, and we’ll publish them as ‘Users’ Guides’. Hopefully we’ll have a first tranche of these published over the next week or so. My intention is to publish a User’s Guide to Su Casa, Eden Naturopolis and Lupe’s. Of course there are many others, and hopefully we’ll get around to these as well, but my hope is that these three will be featured in the next week. The emphasis will be on facilities and features. Pretty much a kind of ‘National Geographic‘ meets ‘Conde Nast Traveller‘ meets Rough Guide!

OK…these are feature filled sims, and perhaps we’ll not do them justice, but we’re going to shake the tree as hard as we can anyway.

Having said it’s about facilities and features, it doesn’t mean we’ll avoid the most important aspect of SL -you, its user!- entirely. So if in the next week or so you happen to spot Pookes, Barbara, Harry, Diana or myself out and about don’t be afraid to say hello, and please don’t be shy of the camera! 🙂

su casa lighthouse


If you’re a user (or manager/officer) of these locations, please, drop us a line or photos or any other information so that we can ensure these guides are absolutely current when we go to publish them! I’ll be in world a lot over the next week or so, so be sure to IM me if you’re online, and I’ll try and get your opinions and thoughts recorded for the guides as well.




Su Casa : The Movie

In case you’ve not seen it, or aren’t aware of it, I just wanted to let you know that there’s a promo-vid for Su Casa on the Vimeo video sharing service on the internet.

Which seemed as good an excuse as any for Harry to hop over to Su Casa and do a few shots to accompany this post.

More to follow from this shoot, but this a ‘walking hand in hand’ animation from Su Casa, which finds friends Malgorzata and Leeroy strolling on the beach.

leeroy and mal_001b



Ella adds: ‘Apologies to Pookes, Barbara, Harry and Diane, whose work has been gathering dust in my ‘inbox’ this past week. Several posts will pop up that they’ve submitted in recent times, but which RL has precluded me from getting posted’.


Admit it, you jumped when your read the title, didn’t you?

No need to be frightened. This boo is Boo, who used to write for the Su Casa Blog, and who is now flying solo in the blogging world, courtesy of her own Bare Babble Blog (try saying that after two small sherries!) and (un)covering RL, as opposed to SL, naturist activity. Hopefully, though, there’ll be some cross-fertilisation between the two worlds. And why not? SLN takes such an editorial line, keeping a keen eye for RL naturist events that we hopefully can reflect within SL.

And talking of Su Casa…here’s a recent photo of yours truly over there, enjoying an al fresco shower provided by its waterfall.

pookes su casa_001b


Anyway, may we take this opportunity to wish Boo every success in the blogging world, and encourage our readers to bookmark her site and check back often. Best wishes from all of us at SLN, Boo.





My naturist vacation suitcase (2)

Lara Hurley Skins have a Valentine’s Day skin out (free group join, L$0 for the skin), so if you like the look of this one for your naturist suitcase, hurry along before its gone.

daphne lara hurley skin_001b daphne lara hurley skin2_001b

Thanks to the generosity of my new colleagues, I’ve received a folder of naturist locations I mostly didn’t know about, so I found this log at Su Casa Naturist to pose, and to get stripped down to a bikini. (Su Casa is, from what I can determine, more ‘clothing optional’ than demanding of full nudity). Reading back over the blog it’s clear that Ella is baffled why skin designers will censor skin photos. I agree it’s better to see the full effect of a skin whilst fully nude, and I’d certainly do that myself, in private, when buying new skins (and I’m a bit of a skin junkie, as you’ll find out).

However, I’m not particularly disposed to getting my boobies (or anything else) out in SL public, so it was a bit of a nervous photoshoot at Su Casa to even discard my bikini top. Thankfully no one was around, so I got away with it 🙂 Yes, it’s probably a cop-out, posing in a bikini at a naturist location, but I’m just not at the point where I’m going to show full-skin off yet. Maybe later, maybe not. Anyway, it’s a nice pale (but not alabaster) skin that would be very reflective of many of us at this time of year, devoid of tan, so it suits me to wear this skin until the weather warms up, the sun adds some heat to itself, and we can begin to think about getting a little colour into our skins.


The Su Casa Blog

I’m terrifically excited to see that the Su Casa blog is now being regularly updated, thanks to Boo and Susan.

Hopefully all of us in the SL naturist community work to each other’s benefit, and work to get the message across that naturism is a wholesome, family orientated lifestyle, even in its virtual, pixellated variety.

su casa blog
As Boo says in his introduction to the latest entry, ‘Su Casa is…a great naturist destination’. I’m sorry to see that Boo won’t be able to contribute more, but hopefully it will continue to have regular updates to keep us all up to speed on what’s happening at ‘Su Casa’.


Pookes’ surgery

Relax! No one’s putting me under the knife!

In British politics a ‘surgery‘ isn’t anything to do with medicine but, instead, a morning (quite typicially, a Saturday morning, in a town hall, village hall, scout hall or somewhere similar) where an MP, a Member of Parliament, will meet his constituents on a one to one basis.

If a constituent (a voter) wishes to meet their MP and raise an issue personal to them, or as a representative of a larger community, they can do so.

So, in a sense, SLN’s readers represent our constituency. We exist to serve the needs of SL’s naturist community. Does SLN properly represent you? Is it featuring the things you want to see? Are you happy with our performance? Could we do anything better? These are all valid questions.

With this in mind, Ella and I have decided that, now we have an office presence in SL at both Su Casa and Eden, we should put ourselves out there to see if there’s anything you think we could be doing better. And it’s a chance for us to maybe meet some of you, the readers, and see if we can do better, spread our net wider, promote the things you like, or just even offer you the chance for you to say hello.

Ella and I have decided that, for an hour each week, one of us will pre-announce our presence in SL, and be available for a chat and a (virtual) cuppa at either Su Casa or Eden. (If anyone else wants us to pop in and hang around, drop either of us an IM and we’ll certainly try to comply with a request).

So…starting tomorrow night, Monday, from 8pm UK time (midday, SL time), I’ll be at the SL office presence at the Su Casa lighthouse, through until 9pm (1pm SL time). (21.00-22.00 Central European time) Try not to land on my head, yeah? 🙂

Yep, I know this is inconvenient for north American readers (and probably equally useless for those in Australia, Japan and elsewhere but we’ll try and address that in future, with one of us probably making an early morning ‘surgery’ (our time) or late night surgery (our time) so best to serve other global locations.

Essentially, this first one’s going to be more convenient for European readers.


In case you don’t know what I look like (and I have slightly altered my look recently), here’s a couple of photos of the avi you’re looking for.

pookes su casa2_001b pookes su casa_001b

It’s a woman’s prerogative to be fashionably late, so if it’s 8.05pm, and I’m not there, don’t panic. I’ll be along in due course. And if I am late, I’ll hang on an equivalent period after 9pm.

Hope to see you then.


Sailing at Su Casa

babs su casa2_001bThis (above) is usually as close as I like to get to the water. Oh, I can swim, and enjoy swimming, but in reality I can feel sea sick crossing the Millennium Bridge in London! Yep, I can get into water, but don’t like being on top of water. Still, a new attraction at Su Casa, a jetty with a multi-pose rug -and right beside SLN’s offices there! If you’re trying it out, wave to us!- had to be tried. I loved the variety of poses, and was merrily trying them out when a feeling of madness enveloped me. Yeah, indeed, that boat in the background…uh oh!

babs su casa5_001b


Looks idyllic, yeah? Wrong….as I couldn’t steer it, we bumped up against the sim’s boundary, the boat shuddered and I swear I felt seasick just looking at my screen, lol!

Maybe I should try it again another day. Or, better still, get some salty-dog type to take the steering stick (I’m sure it has a proper name…rudder, is it?) and take me on a tour.

Anyway, it’s terrific to see Su Casa slowly evolve (just the pace we adore at SLN!) with new things popped in, unheralded and untrumpeted. It gives the rest of us the opportunity to discover these quite by accident. Or take the sensible option, and continue reading SLN where we’ll endeavour to keep you up to speed with the latest events, happenings, changes and attractions right across the grid!



Here is an APB!

There are eight million stories in the SL Naked City 😉 and this is just one of them.

Word on the street is that Pookes is on the lam.

An archetypcal bad-girl-turned-bad tale, locked up while pleading her innocence for the heinous crime of robbing the Su Casa cafe, Pookes has broken out of the pen.jailbreak_001b
Word has it that all of SL’s police forces are looking for her after she stole the keys to a black and white and made her escape from SL’s notorious Waterville Prison.

police car2_001b


The last I heard was that Governor Linden has place Pookes on SL’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, and there’s a reward for her capture 😦



Just how bad might this story get before it gets better….if it gets better????


A robbery at Su Casa’s lighthouse cafe!

As many of you will know, the Su Casa lighthouse is where we keep a little SLN online presence. The coffee’s good, they do de-caff, and the croissants and bagels are always fresh. What’s not to like?

Anyway, I’m simply glad I wasn’t online on Sunday afternoon, as it seems they had a robbery, inspired by the photo (below).



Fortunately, it appears the perpetrator didn’t get away with much, as barista Jimmy (who looks positively terrified in the pics below 🙂 ) admitted he never carried a wallet and had cashed up moments earlier!

pookes rifle2_001b

A balaclava-wearing would-be robber demands Jimmy hands over cash!

pookes rifle3_001b

Fortunately, there was only loose change in the till and the robber fled empty handed.

Stay tuned, folks! This is a story we may be coming back to later today, as there’s now a dragnet in operation around Su Casa as the would-be robber is sought!


Naked Skydiving

Discovery of the photo (below) online reminded me of my early days in SL. At a long now defunct naturist place I took my first naturist sky dive. An incredibly fun experience, even ‘virtually’.


So we rounded up a willing model -someone who had never done any naked skydiving in SL before- and took her over to Su Casa for the trip of a lifetime.


Don’t forget to ‘buy’ (L$0) a terra-chute before setting off. Without it you’re going to hit the ground pretty hard! 🙂


We got our model, Tina, to set the height to its max, 4000m.  Here we see her beginning to drop into the clouds.


Hmm…I’ve got the photos out of sync. Her chute has opened and Tina glides to earth.


But just before her chute opened, she had a beautiful aerial view of Su Casa. The large red object is Su Casa’s hot air balloon.


Chute fully deployed, Tina is within feet of a perfect landing.

If you’ve never tried naked parchuting, I thoroughly recommend it. So much so that I’ve put it back on my SL ‘to do’ list. While we’ve also covered balloon rides in the past, I think it’s high time we did so again. Don’t you?


(edited to add…I was pointed in the direction of the photo below, in the wake of the blog post, so I’m happy to add it to the post)