Postcard from Spain : Saturday

We’ve had a quiet day and expect to have a quiet evening. Yes, down to the pool fully nude and no body-concerns at all, and down to the beach early-ish this morning. Even without my fair-skinned friends I’m often here with my children, so we tend to duck the sun when it’s at its strongest. The children now know that playtime at the pool or beach is for after breakfast time, and in the evenings. Otherwise we chill as a family in the shade of the balcony. Out come the colouring books while one of us entertains them, and the other might (we’re not, despite being naturists, great sun worshippers in terms of having to work on a tan all the time).

The three of us made it to the sea this morning, however, and we asked a stranger to take a photo of us together, as naturists. The girls are delighted by it (already shared around). I shall get it replicated for SL purposes when we return home, for our ‘scrapbook’. And that’s it from Spain for the first holiday of the year, and the first set of ‘postcards’.

Our next trip out (and it’s the RL Mr.Keng and I this time) is for what was to have been the ‘Vera Playa Skinny Dip Record Attempt’, since cancelled.  And we’ll be meeting up with the RL Mr & Mrs Pookes, who booked independently of us, but for the exact same purpose, to participate in the skinny dip. The RL Mr Keng and RL Mr Pookes are, I’m told (by the RL Mr Keng and Pookes) both participating in the ‘Naked Fun Run’ if it goes ahead. I’ve not heard anything to the contrary.

So from me…

ella end of holiday_001b



nanni end of holiday


and from…

bebe end of holiday


it’s ‘Adios!’ from Spain.

Catch you on SLN next week when normal service resumes…