The Festival of Holi (3)

holi 9 sunshine2_001b

Sunshine, an immensely talented DJ who kept us entertained with an excellent selection of world music, plays with fire sticks while spinning the decks

holi 10 turquise mammoth_001b

Turquoise Mammoth poses for a moment in the paint splattered mayhem

holi 12 sunshine2_001b

Sunshine, again

holi 13 turqoise_001b

Turqoise and Sunshine

holi 13_001b

Sunshine and Turquoise

holi 18 temoest_001b

Tempest dancing at the Holi Festival

holi 19 keith_001b

Keith led the way when it came to the guys getting down to basics!

holi 20_001b

SLN’s editor and Keith dancing under a barrage of paint

sapherina4_001b sapherina8_001b SAPHIERNA(correct spelling) 12_001b

Saphierna dancing and looking stunning as the Holi Festival reaches its climax (3 photos above)

sausalita holi3 and virginia_001b

Virginia, our host, and Suasalita have paint rained down on them

sausalita holi3_001b

Sausalita and Keith barely visible amidst a haze of paintĀ 

phuoc hanh_001b

Phuoc Hanh dances at the climax of the festival

I’m not going to say much. What was billed as a two hour event was into its fourth hour when I was unexpectedly called away to RL. šŸ˜¦ But what a night! The colour, movement and vibrancy of the photos should give some indication of the sort of evening we had. I’ll certainly try and sit down with Virginia, our host, at some point to get her to provide us with some background to this important fundraiser, and maybe get some indication of how much was raised overall.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.