Something you see, regularly, at the naturist beach are tanlines.

There’s a couple of possibilities here. One, if you’re like me, full naturism and even sunshine isn’t always a possibility at home. I’ll try to grab as much as possible before holidays, but circumstances…friends dropping in, my children’s friends being in our garden, whatever, mean I can’t always go nude.

And so sometimes I’ll end up going away on holiday with tanlines.

The second possibility -I see this all the time- is that people don’t always begin a holiday with naturist intent. Sometimes they chance upon a naturist beach. Sometimes they’re merrily sunning away in a bikini for days before they reach that ‘ah, to hell with it!’ moment and maybe (you see this with young women, late teens, perhaps) they shed their bikini top. And the bikini briefs remain in place for a couple more days or, in textile locations, are never lost at all. (Topless sunbathing and swimming are widely accepted in textile beaches or hotel pools). Thus, there’s an uneven tan in place for the remainder of the holiday.

The SL Marketplace has numerous tanlines available. I bought one a set this evening and am wearing the tattoo layer for both top and bottom.

Incidentally, less obvious but occasionally visible are tan lines where the woman in question hasn’t even started her holiday with a bikini confident body, and has a one-piece swimsuit in place. But naturism draws you in and once you realise there are people older, saggier and more overweight than you, and still wholly confident in their naked bodies, these people also shed their inhibitions and their swimwear to sometimes go fully nude. I haven’t checked if there’s a one piece swimsuit tan line available on the marketplace, but I’ll maybe to that now and get back to you on that one.

In the meantime, here’s a trio of photos with tanlines clearly visible. A naturist accessory, most certainly.tanlines1_001b tanlines2_001b tanlines3_001b
And with that post, I’m signing off for a few days. We’ve had a hectic period with SLN, in the days leading up to and over Christmas. I’m not entirely sure what the others have planned (if anything) but I’m going to enjoy the rest of my week off, and I’ll catch you sometime next week.