Naturism has its own language. Mini-ten is a game played exclusively by naturists, for example, and it’s essentially mini tennis played with not so much a racquet as a boxed like ‘glove’ racket called a ‘thug’. It was devised in the 1930s to permit a tennis-like experience on a cut down court, as many clubs wouldn’t have had the space to fit in full sized tennis courts.

And then there’s ‘textiles’. Clothes-wearers (on or off the beach), in other words.

And ‘cottontails’?

White bottoms. Textiles who convert to naturism while on holiday will display cottontail. They’ve been in the sun for a few days, tanning, before they’ve maybe summoned up enough courage to go totally bare, and find the skin is going to be paler than the bits already exposed.

cottontail_001b cottontail3_001b cottontailed


By necessity, even experienced naturists find themselves ‘cotton tailed’ on occasion. You can find beaches, close to home, where topless sunbathing is permitted, but not full nudity. And so naturists of many years experience can sometimes go off on holiday with cottontails in evidence. The look is easy to replicate in SL, as ‘tan line’ tattoos can be applied to the avatar. In the top photos I’ve added a tan line tattoo layer to show that I’ve had bikini briefs on for my sunbathing. There’s also another tan line for boobs as well. You can find them scattered around the grid, sometimes free, sometimes with a nominal charge applied, and there’s a range of similar tan lines on the SL Marketplace.




Miniten is an exclusively naturist game, a conflation of the words ‘mini’ and ‘tennis’.

It developed in the 1930s, apparently, when tennis clubs were all of the social-rage, the discotheques or youth clubs of their day. It was where one went to meet single members of the opposite sex in a social acceptable setting, darling!

Naturist clubs, lacking the space to operate full sized courts, opted to create their own mini-version, and thus miniten, with its own set of rules, was born.

Racquets aren’t used. Instead, a wooden box called a ‘thug’ is used instead. miniten


Now, I’ve read a lot about miniten, but never actually seen it played. I have seen full sized tennis courts and, indeed, watched games of nude tennis played out. I’ve played full sized, naked tennis in SL (although I confess the game itself leaves me bored rigid, as either player or viewer, in RL, whether or not the players are naked or not.

Beside the rotunda at Eden there’s a ping-pong table where you can play a game, if you so desire. I’ve not yet had a match, and naked ping-pong isn’t something I’ve participated in in SL although, again, I’ve witnessed it played often, and even ‘played’ a game myself on a naturist camp site in RL, in France, where it’s most popular, in my experience.

Still, RL and SL should be full of new experiences (although I’m going to draw a line at naked -or clothed- skydiving in RL! 🙂 so I’m throwing down a gauntlet that, if you spot me at the SLN offices at Eden, challenge me to a game (and don’t be shy, I want photos for another post in SLN!).

I’d have stuck around for a while tonight, having thrown down that challenge, but I confess to being exhausted, back at work after a few days off, so I’m going to call time on another day in SL for today, and stretch out on the sofa now that the rug-rats are in bed, and quite possibly doze off.

Plans for SL are always in flux, so previous promises to be missing over the weekend are conceivably going to change, and I do plan to grab at least an hour tomorrow night in SL, so if you spot me flitting between naturist sims, don’t forget to say ‘hi!’.