Naked Dreams, an update

Teresa has been busy since we last reported on Naked Dreams.

Each ‘upgrade’ or ‘tweak’ simply makes the place look better and better. šŸ™‚

galleon treasurenaked dreams galleon


One of the terrific additions is a sunken galleonā€¦complete with a sailor who didn’t make it away from the wreck, and the treasure he was maybe trying to protect. He paid a heavy price.

All of Teresa’s builds are like thisā€¦things hidden that are astonishing, yet invisible, unpromoted, unless you go looking. And that’s the thing about Teresa’s builds. They’re always self-effacing, understated. And always worth taking the time to explore fully.

I had a terrific time poking aroundā€¦again! šŸ™‚

On the surface not a lot has changed, although Teresa now has a few residents in placeā€¦.anyone wish to give me a tour of their superb looking homes?ā€¦.and what looks like a chill out zone with a few comfy chairs and a massage table in place.

We took our friend Xiu (Sue) there, and she did a bit of head massage on her chum Fu. Noteā€¦we’re going to be doing a mega post for the Chinese New Year, and this shoot at Naked Dreams was just one of several we’ve done with Xiu, most of them with an Eastern/Oriental flavour. Stay tuned for that one on January 31st, Chinese New Year!

xiu & fu naked dreams5_001b





Xiu enjoys some Chinese massage at the hands of her friend Fu.

xiu & fu naked dreams_001bAnd returns the favour for a sleepy looking Fu!

Location: Naked Dreams (Eden Estate)

Photographer: Pookes šŸ˜¦

Words : Pookes