Topless sailing

Many thanks to Caitlin Tobias for pointing out, on her blog, that there’s a Topless Sailing Group. I won’t steal Cait’s thunder by re-hashing her text for consumption here. Instead, click the link and see what Cait has to say.

Naturally, it was something I needed to investigate…

topless sailors

Topless sailors. And bottomless too, it seems…

I was given a HUD, a Cruiser (I wasn’t sure how to rezz this), but found that today’s race’s start point offered a free Nemo boat, which I could rezz, so I hopped onto that, tried to learn the controls (fail!) and took off. Well…I managed in a straight line 🙂 Turning it was something else entirely! 🙂

nude sailing1_001b

nude sailing2_001b

topless sailors2_001b

While I’m not the best sailor in the world, I did find the experience to be a lot of fun, and it’s something I will certainly return to when I’ve more (in world) SL time than I have at present.